March 27th SOA BOD Meeting Update

The previously published Agenda for the March 27th SOA BOD Meeting has been updated to include a few more items. The BOD Meeting Packet supporting the Meeting is also now available on the SOA website at under the SOA/Committees & Meetings tab. The revised Meeting Agenda may be accessed by clicking on the following:

March 27th Final BOD Meeting Agenda

Three New Business Agenda items were added as follows:

  • Change Order for Gypsy Hill Rockery Wall Repair – $154K to cover shotcrete estimate overages, bringing the project total to approximately $1.6M (excluding any more change orders!)
  • Change Order for Utiliy Conflict at Pool Project – No details were available in the Board Meeting Packet.
  • Ad-HOC Commmittee for SGCC Equipment Repair – This agenda item most likely relates to the report prepared by Padovan Consulting on the condition of SOA and SGCC golf course irrigation system components and recommendaions for both short and long term maintenance/replacement. See previous Posts of March 11th “Golf Course Water Supply Report” and March 12th “SOA and SGCC Water Facilities Agreement” for details on this subject. The question is why a discussion on the formation of a Ad-Hoc Committee? As equipment maintenance responsibilities are clearly identified in a binding Water Facilities Agreement between the SOA and the SGCC, making it a legal issue, not a discussion or compromise on who does what, rather a demand that the SGCC live up to their responsibilities.

Comments on other Agenda items follow:

  • Revised Committee Charters – Committee charter revisions were approved at a previous BOD Meeting, with no indication in the Board Meeting Packet as to what Charters this Agenda item pertains to. Perhaps related to the Agenda item on “AGC Fee Reduction” or the ongoing controversy between the SOA’s AGC and the SCA’s ARC; and/or the Agenda Item on “Allegations of NRS Violations”, which pertain to the Community Standards Committee.
  • Easement Access for Greens at Town C enter – To support this Agenda item a plot plan of the Greens at Town Center was included in the Board Meeting Packet. For those not familiar with this project, which is to be constructed adjacent to TCTC parking lot and Canyon9 Hole 1 and will consist of 10 residences, a copy of the plot plan may be accessed via the following link:   The Greens at Town Center.
  • Access Gate Operations Policy – Proposed revision to the Gate Operations Policy for homeowners living in a gated community. The proposed revision may be accessed via the following link:   Access Gate Operations Policy
  • Sierra Canyon Assessment Collection Box – An agreement between the SOA and the SCA for installation of a lock box in Aspen Lodge for SOA assessment payments. A copy of this agreement may be accessed via the following link: SOA Assessment Lockbox Agreement