March 27th SOA Board Meeting Recap

Following is a recap of topics (obviously paraphrased) discussed and/or approved at the March 27th Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting.

Homeowner Comments:

  • Jim Haar and one other homeowner (Dean ?) spoke on the “Ad-HOC Committee for SGCC Equipment Repair” agenda Item. Basically, questioning the need for such a committee. Opinion being that the SGCC just needs to live up to their responsibilities under the Water Facilities Agreement, which is clearly defined, therefore no need for a committee to discuss. Dean expressed a concern that discussions/negotiations with the SGCC could possibly lead to the SOA contributing funds for repairs clearly within the SGCC’s realm of responsibility. This due to lack of SGCC funding to do the required repairs. Bottom line: No committee needed, just a demand for action on the part of the SGCC to perform the required repairs. If they are indeed having revenue problems, perhaps they need to re-assess their organizational structure (e.g., Private or Public). No more financial contributions from the SOA!
  • Steve Guderian spoke up in defense of his agenda item alleging NRS violations pertaining to the Community Standards Committee. Mr. Guderian stated he had a genuine concern on how the committee conducted its business and wanted it make sure all homeowners are afforded due process with regard to cited violations, which he believes not to be the case under the current structure. Hence his right to allege the NRS violations and to pursue resolution via appropriate channels.

Editorial Note: See previous SU Post of March 19th entitled “NRS 116 Alleged Violation Letter to SOA BOD” for discussion and a copy of Mr. Guderians letter to the SOA Board.

  • Nancy Chantos addressed the Board about the formation of an Ad-Hoc Committee or other means to consider adoption of an Emergency Evacuation plan for the Somersett community in the event of fire, earthquake or other natural disasters.
  • Loren Farell, Sierra Canyon Board Member, and past President, again addressed the SOA Board on demanding action to resolve the conflicts between the SOA and the Sierra Canyon Association (SCA). Bringing up the “Secede from the SOA” issue and questioning where the Sierra Canyon assessment contributions to the SOA go.

Editorial Note: As stated in previous SU editorials, whatever the issue, if the SCA Board adopted a less confrontational approach to the SOA Board, perhaps more positive results would evolve. Also, the question as to what do the SCA assessments support, the answer is obvious, just like all other Somersett owners, to maintain the SOA’s common areas. That is, landscaping along the Somersett Parkway, the entrance monuments, the native areas and trails, the East and West Parks, the Canyon9 Golf Course, etc and yes, the Rockery Walls outside of Sierra Canyon proper, whether you use them or not!

Committee Reports:

  • Budget & Finance – As an item of interest to homeowners, the committee advised they were looking at the SOA’s financial records to determine exactly how much the SOA has incurred on Rockery Wall failure related costs.
  • Facilities – The Committee would like to hold a Town Hall Meeting for the TCTC Gym Renovation Project, which was subsequently scheduled for Wednesday, April 10, from 5:30-6:30 pm at TCTC. Mark your calendar!

Old Business:

  • Legal Update – No discussion on this item. However, the SOA Attorney’s monthly “Legal Disclosure” memo disclosed that the Court, in entering their judgment, found in favor of the Plaintiffs (James) and Counter-Defendants (McCullough) against the SOA.

Editorial Note: For a complete summary on this litigation see SU Post of March 13th entitled “The Northgate Neighbors Verdict Is In”.

  • Rockery Wall Update – Update was extracted from the Padovan Consulting LLC’s monthly “SOA Engineering Update Report”.

Editorial Note:  For convenience a copy of this report may be accessed via the following link: “SOA Engineering Update, March 2019“.

  • Discussion on AGC Fee Reduction – No new discussion, still looking at fees versus AGC costs. Presumably to insure that whatever action is taken, a balance is maintained between collected fees and AGC costs.

New Business:

  • The Board approved acceptance of the following proposals:
    • Erosion/Drainage Repair along Twin Rock Ct. to Environmental Protections Services at $,4225.
    • Crack Sealing of Sierra Canyon Walking Trails to West Coast Paving Inc. at $7,160.
    • Gypsy Hill Rockery Wall Change Order (Shotcrete overages) to D.L. Wadsworth at not to exceed $154K
    • Underground Utility Work for TCTC Pool Project to pool Contractor at $5,280
    • Painting of Stairs and Slide for TCTC Pool Project to Fly Right LLC for $6,300.
  • The Board opened bids for the TCTC Gym Equipment Renovations. Three were received at $127K, $129K, and $121K. No decision made, deferred to Staff and Facilities Committee for review and recommendations.
  • Board approved to grant the Greens at Town Center Developer temporary use of six parking spaces within the TCTC parking lot for equipment and material storage. Developer responsible for repair of any damages.
  • Board approved the Access Gate Operations Policy and Sierra Canyon Assessment Collection Box Agreement.

Editorial Note: Copies of these documents were made available in the SU Post of March 25th entitled “March 27th SOA BOD Meeting Update”.

  • Board will move forward with the formation of an “Ad-Hoc Committee for SGCC Equipment Repair”. Committee to consist of Board members Tom Fitzgerald and Frank Leto. A stated objective is to reach an agreement as to who is responsible for what repairs given the shared facilities.

Editorial Note: SU contends that no subsequent agreement between SOA and SGCC Board Members is pertinent given the provisions of the Water Facilities Agreement between the two parties. See SU Posts of March 12th entitled “SOA and SGCC Water Facilities Agreement” and March 11th entitled “Golf Course Water Supply System Report” for details on this subject.

  • The SOA Attorney, although in attendance at the meeting, did not specifically address the alleged violations of NRS Statutes as submitted by homeowner Steve Guderian. Rather, he advised that they are taking them under advisement and will provide a legal response later.