April 24th SOA Board Meeting Results

Following is a summary of results from the April 24th Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting.

Meeting was not very well attended and moved along quickly with no homeowner comments on the agenda topics. No input from the Sierra Canyon Board who, in previous meetings, routinely had some “axe to grind” with the SOA. Discussions on both the Old and New Business items was limited with those requiring action subsequently approved as indicated below:  For a summary description of each, please refer to previous post of April 22nd entitled “April 24th SOA BOD Meeting Update”.

Old Business:

  • 6.a  Legal Update – Apparently the SOA Attorney has agreed to pay the Plaintiff’s legal fees associated with the “Northgate Neighbors” lawsuit. The Court had previously ruled in favor of the Plaintiffs, James and McCullogh, over the SOA. Amount was not disclosed. For details regarding this lawsuit, see previous post of March 13th entitled “The Northgate Neighbors Verdict Is In!
  • 6.b  Rockery Wall Update – Update, along with other SOA Engineering Projects, may be accessed via the following link: Padovan Consulting LLC., SOA Engineering Update, April 2019
    6.c.  Proposed AGC Fee Reductions – Approved. New fee schedule may be accessed via the following link:  AGC Fee Schedule – Proposed Changes
    6.d  RFP’s for Gym Equipment Renovations – Awarded to Commercial Fitness in the amount of $121,076.

New Business:

  • 7.a  Proposed SOA Board Mission Statement – Approved, click on the following: SOA Mission Statement
  • 7.b  Clubhouse Sound System Replacement – Audio equipment for indoor and outdoor speaker systems. Old proposals but reportedly still valid, referred to the Facilities Committee for review
  • 7.c  Contract Proposal for 2225 Pepperwood Lot – Approved contract with Dave Hughes as the Real Estate Broker at a 10% commission.
  • 7.d  Winter Creek Pocket Park/Trail Head Revegetation – Approved Environmental Protection Services proposal for $3.680
  • 7.e  Winter Creek Pocket Park/Trail Head Irrigation and Landscape Plantings – Approved Brightview Landscape proposal for $15,136
  • 7.f  Wall Survey Monitoring Point Installations and Measurements – Approved CFA proposal for $27,700 (one year)
  • 7.g  Wall Monitoring with Inclinometers and Inspection program – Approved American Geotechnical Inc. Proposal for $58,000 (one year)
  • 7.h  Relocate Fire Hydrant Along Gypsy Hill Trail – Approved Gradex Construction Company proposal for $6,916
  • 7.i  Man Hole Cover Lowering on Boulder Ridge Court – Approved Sierra Nevada Construction proposal for $4,800 (repavement services only, Reno City to bear cost of manhole repositioning).

April 24th SOA BOD Meeting Update

The previously published Agenda for the April 24th SOA BOD Meeting has been updated to include several new items. The BOD Meeting Packet supporting the meeting is also now available on the SOA website at www.somersett.net under the SOA/Committees & Meetings tab. The revised meeting agenda may be accessed via the following link:

April 24th BOD Meeting Agenda – Revised

Comments on some of the agenda items, as derived from the BOD Meeting Packet, follow:

SOA Committee Recommendations:

  • 4.a. Finance – Committee recommendations include: 1) No objections to the proposed adjusted fee structure for AGC Submittals (see agenda item 6.c. below). 2) Supported the proposed expenditures for new gym equipment and the virtual fitness program (see agenda item 6.d. below). 3) Recommended engagement of David Hughes at a 10% commission rate (although not directly stated, it is assumed this is related to item 7.c. below).
  • 4.b. Strategic Planning/Facilities – Also recommended the proposed expenditures for new gym equipment and virtual fitness program
  • 4.c. Community Standards – Recommended appointment of Marilee Watts to the committee.

Old Business:

  • 6.b. Rockery Wall Update – An update on the Rockery Wall repair project along with other SOA Engineering projects may be accessed via the following link:

Padovan Consulting LLC., SOA Engineering Update, April 2019

  • 6.c. Proposed AGC Fee Reduction – Owners, and prospective owners, will be happy if the proposed changes to AGC fees are approved. Except for Custom/Architectural submittals, all other AGC category fees have been reduced, with fully refundable deposits on the lower two categories of “External Changes” and “Desk Review”. The proposed new fee amounts along with a comparison to the existing fees may be viewed via the following link:

AGC Fee Schedule – Proposed Changes

  • 6.d. RFP’s for Gym Equipment Renovations – Three proposals from Commercial Fitness ($121,076), Equip Fitness ($128,949) and Sparks Fitness ($133,290) for TCTC Fitness Center equipment will be considered.

New Business:

  • 7.b. Clubhouse Sound System Replacement Proposal – From the BOD Meeting Packet, it appears that two proposals (Sierra Sound at $22,875 and DataCom Nevada at $23,245) for replacement of TCTC indoor and outdoor sound systems will be discussed. However, the proposals contained in the meeting packet are both well over a year old, and hence expired. Also, in the case of Sierra Sound, no details on what is being provided.
  • 7.c. Contract Proposal for 2225 Pepperwood SOA Lot – Discussion on entering into a contract with a real estate agent (see item 4.a. above) for sale of the identified custom lot that the SOA acquired in foreclosure back in 2015. Agent was unidentified in the BOD Meeting Packet, but based on item 4.a above, believed to be SOA owner David Hughes. Proposal calls for a 10% commission. Is this normal? Home sales usually operate at a 6% fee. Perhaps some real estate agent out there would care to comment.
  • 7.d. & e. Wintercreek Pocket Park/Trail Head Proposals – Involves two coordinated proposals (Environmental Protection Services and BrightView Landscape) for revegetation of poorly landscaped common area, additional plantings, fence repairs and irrigation system work in the Scott Valley Road area. Total for both proposals is $18,816.
  • 7.f. & g. Rockery Wall Monitoring Proposals – Two proposals for enhanced rockery wall inspection and monitoring services. One from CFA for $10,500 set-up & $15,200 annual costs, and one from American Geotechnical for $24,000 set-up and $34,000 annual cost. Total cost of both proposals covering installation, and one year of inspection, review, data collection, etc is $83.700.
  • 7.h. & i. Fire Hydrant Relocation and Manhole Cover Lowering – Two relatively low cost proposals. One from Gradex Construction for $6,916 to relocate a fire hydrant on Gypsy Hill Trail due to Rockery Wall repairs, and one from Sierra Nevada Construction for $7,500 to reposition manhole covers on Boulder Ridge Court.

April 24th SOA Board Meeting

The Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) open meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 at 5:30 PM at The Club at Town Center (TCTC) Sports Court. The Meeting Agenda may be accessed by clicking on the following link:

April 24th BOD Meeting Agenda

The preceding is listed as a “Draft”, and based on past practice, an updated agenda will most likely be in the offing between now and the Board Meeting. Also, the BOD Meeting Packet, which contains details associated with Agenda items was not available at the time of posting. Therefore, this posting will be updated when and if a new Agenda is released and/or the BOD Meeting packet iis made available. In the interim, the following comments on indicated Agenda items:

Old Business:

  • 6.a,b  Legal & Rockery Wall Updates – Pretty much a standard monthly agenda item. Not sure if there will be anything significant to report, perhaps more information will be available once the Board Meeting Packet is published.
  • 6.c  Proposed AGC Fee Reduction – Apparently the BOD and Finance Committee have completed their analysis of AGC fees versus costs and will be making recommendations on reduction of AGC fees for some applications.

New Business:

  • 7.a Clubhouse Sound System Replacement Proposal – In May 2018, the BOD approved a $10K proposal from Starsound Audio to upgrade the TCTC’s public address system. Therefore, not sure what this “replacement” proposal relates to. Perhaps an entirely separate sound system from the public address system.
  • 7.b Contract Proposal for 2225 Pepperwood SOA Lot – The SOA purchased this 21,396 sq. ft. undeveloped lot for $19,068 in February 2015. Property was in foreclosure and subject to a SOA lien for delinquent assessments. Property was originally placed on the market for $85,000 and subsequently reduced to $79,000 in May 2018. Property is one of seven custom home lots on Pepperwood Ct. that overlook the Country Club’s 4th Fairway, four of which have been built on. Upon observation, the SOA lot appears to be a very undesirable location on which to build, probably why it hasn’t sold in over 4 years. Perhaps an offer to be considered?

The Goats Have Arrived!

Apparently after rejecting the use of manual labor (too expensive), incarcerated individuals (would not go over very well), the Sierra Canyon Association (SCA) decided on the use of goats to clear some SCA common areas of fire fuel vegetation. This to the pleasure of many SCA residents who consider them cute, effective and fun to watch. They are currently munching away on the hillside below the SCA’s Aspen Lodge and will be operating within Sierra Canyon for months to come. Perhaps, the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) might want to investigate this as an element of its Fire Fuel Reduction Project.

Hopefully the fencing put up to contain these lovely creatures will also protect them from our resident coyotes!











Photo courtesy of Joe Bower