April 24th SOA Board Meeting Results

Following is a summary of results from the April 24th Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting.

Meeting was not very well attended and moved along quickly with no homeowner comments on the agenda topics. No input from the Sierra Canyon Board who, in previous meetings, routinely had some “axe to grind” with the SOA. Discussions on both the Old and New Business items was limited with those requiring action subsequently approved as indicated below:  For a summary description of each, please refer to previous post of April 22nd entitled “April 24th SOA BOD Meeting Update”.

Old Business:

  • 6.a  Legal Update – Apparently the SOA Attorney has agreed to pay the Plaintiff’s legal fees associated with the “Northgate Neighbors” lawsuit. The Court had previously ruled in favor of the Plaintiffs, James and McCullogh, over the SOA. Amount was not disclosed. For details regarding this lawsuit, see previous post of March 13th entitled “The Northgate Neighbors Verdict Is In!
  • 6.b  Rockery Wall Update – Update, along with other SOA Engineering Projects, may be accessed via the following link: Padovan Consulting LLC., SOA Engineering Update, April 2019
    6.c.  Proposed AGC Fee Reductions – Approved. New fee schedule may be accessed via the following link:  AGC Fee Schedule – Proposed Changes
    6.d  RFP’s for Gym Equipment Renovations – Awarded to Commercial Fitness in the amount of $121,076.

New Business:

  • 7.a  Proposed SOA Board Mission Statement – Approved, click on the following: SOA Mission Statement
  • 7.b  Clubhouse Sound System Replacement – Audio equipment for indoor and outdoor speaker systems. Old proposals but reportedly still valid, referred to the Facilities Committee for review
  • 7.c  Contract Proposal for 2225 Pepperwood Lot – Approved contract with Dave Hughes as the Real Estate Broker at a 10% commission.
  • 7.d  Winter Creek Pocket Park/Trail Head Revegetation – Approved Environmental Protection Services proposal for $3.680
  • 7.e  Winter Creek Pocket Park/Trail Head Irrigation and Landscape Plantings – Approved Brightview Landscape proposal for $15,136
  • 7.f  Wall Survey Monitoring Point Installations and Measurements – Approved CFA proposal for $27,700 (one year)
  • 7.g  Wall Monitoring with Inclinometers and Inspection program – Approved American Geotechnical Inc. Proposal for $58,000 (one year)
  • 7.h  Relocate Fire Hydrant Along Gypsy Hill Trail – Approved Gradex Construction Company proposal for $6,916
  • 7.i  Man Hole Cover Lowering on Boulder Ridge Court – Approved Sierra Nevada Construction proposal for $4,800 (repavement services only, Reno City to bear cost of manhole repositioning).

One thought on “April 24th SOA Board Meeting Results

  1. whoever maintains this site, goes to the meetings, and give us all a synopsis deserves a medal! it’s very valuable, and I thank you. The writing is crisp, succinct, clear, factual, with only a bit of personal opinion – mostly humorous – scattered in from time to time! Thank you Thank you!

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