The following post submitted by Nancy Chontos, SOA Member and Sierra Canyon Owner :

At the April SOA Board meeting, a new fee structure was approved for Somersett owners who want to make changes and/or improvement to their landscaping and/other minor changes. These changes take effect on July 1, 2019.

The three most significant changes that affect non-custom homes are:

  1. The fee for new landscape plans or updates to current landscaping, adding a trellis or patio cover has been lowered from $250 to $125. The fee for minor changes such as painting and minor landscaping changes has been lowered from $400 to $100.
  2. The deposit fee for both of the above categories ( of either $100 or $125) is fully refundable after you have passed inspection by the SOA.
  3. They have a category called “Desk Review” that includes minor tree and shrub species changes, basic design courtyard gates, minor trip color change, hot tubs, mow strip, solar and pre-approved storm doors. The fully-refundable deposit for this category is only $50 AND, you can get approval right away and not have to wait for the AGC to meet and approve.

Homeowners must still go through their sub association first for approval, and then apply for approval from Sommersett.

Lower costs, fully-refundable deposits and a potential for quick approval. All positive changes starting July 1.

A big thanks to the SOA Board, FSR Management and the AGC!!


  1. Vegetation has a “shelf life” – when a tree or shrub dies can you replace it without filling in a form.

    You just get fined if your grass dies and you still have to replace it

    Planting fowering annuals vs. perenials ?

    What about the the folks who have garden boxes shrouded in netting to protect the delectable plants from being harvested by our local deer?

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