Somersett West Park Contract Award

Item C.5 On the Reno City Council & Redevelopment Agency Board Meeting (Wednesday June 12th, 10:00 AM, Reno City Council Chamber) is quoted as follows:

C.5. Staff Report (For Possible Action): Award of Contract to Spanish Springs Construction for construction of Somersett West Park in the anount of $!,734,444. (RCT District 2 and Various Grant Funds)

a. Bid Opening and Award – STAFF REPORT
b. Vicinity Map

Regarding item a, bid details are available via the following link:   Bid Opening-Somersett West Park

This is obvious good news for Somersett residents (hopefully no obstacles will arise in contract award), who have long awaited construction of this park as required under the Somersett Planned Unit Development (PUD).

Funds for park construction come from the City of Reno (new construction revenue), organizational grants and private donations. Total budget for the park, as currently designed, has been estimated at $1,500,000. The City of Reno’s portion being approximately $850,000, which leaves the gap to be filled via grants and donations. Current grants include $200,000 from Nevada State Parks through the US Land & Water Conservation Fund, and $25,000 obtained by the Somersett Owners Association from the “Petsafe Bark for Your Park” program. For donations, the SOA has partnered with the Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation (TMPF) for support. Those wishing to donate may do so via the following TMPF website, which also contains a description of the park.

Note that one has the option of donating to an overall General Park Fund or, if so desired, directly to a specific amenity (i.e., Park Equipment, Pavillion, Community Garden, Dog Park or a Memorial Paver). How much has been raised to date is not indicated on the referenced TMPF link. However, it has been previously reported that a shortfall still exists between the total project budget and currently available funds, therefore requiring a “phased” construction approach. Perhaps one of our readers (e.g., SOA Board Member, Management Staff ot Ex West Park Committee Member) can provide some additional input here.

One thought on “Somersett West Park Contract Award

  1. This is good news.The members of the Somersett Park Committe worked laboriously for almost 4 years to make this park a reality. One member specially, Nancy Chantos , did the work of many, not only in planning the dog park, but in the presentation to the Board and City staff, and getting stockholders to buy into the plan.
    We wouldn’t have a park if it wasnt for Nancy.Thank you.

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