June 26th SOA BOD Meeting Update

The previously published Agenda for the June 26th Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting has been updated to include additional items. The BOD Meeting Packet supporting the meeting is also now available on the SOA website at www.somersett.net under the SOA/Committees & Meetings tab. The revised meeting agenda may be accessed via the following link:

June 26th BOD Meeting Agenda – Final

Details associated with the meeting agenda items, as derived from the BOD Meeting Packet, follow:

SOA Committee Reports:

4.b. Strategic Planning/Facilities – Committee members met with NVEnergy to explore energy use reduction opportunities and leveraging monetary incentives. Recommended appointment of Jaime Villarino and Steve Cader as new Committee Members

4.e.  AD-HOC  Water Committee – New Committee entitled “SGCC and SOA Water Management Advisory Committee”. See Agenda item 7.e below.

4.f. General Manager Report – Of particular interest in the monthly GM Report is the following:

  1. Executive Session Summary (for those who were concerned about what this “emergency” session entailed). “During the June 14, 2019 Emergency Executive Session, the Board discussed a matter related to on-going litigation. At the June 26, 2019 Executive Session, the Board will review the AGC and CSC Committee meeting minutes, discuss legal matters, review delinquencies, collection matters, fine waiver requests, and conduct hearing appeals.”
  2. SOA Engineering Projects Update – Accessible via the following link:  June 2019 SOA Engineering Update

Old Business:

6.a.  Legal Updates – 1) See previous SU post of June 19th “Rockery Wall Litigation Update (5)” for current status of this lawsuit. 2) Now that the “Northgate Neighbors” lawsuit has been adjudicated, the only remaining open issue is the amount the SOA will be liable for reimbursement of the Plaintiffs (James and McCulloch) legal fees. Although not yet determined, SU has indications it will be in excess of $100K. 3) A homeowner complaint filed with the Court, alleging that the SOA acted improperly with regard to owner implemented architectural changes, is scheduled for trial on December 9, 2019. Case is being handled by the SOA’s Insurance carrier.

6.b.  Rockery Wall Update – See the Engineering report referenced to under Agends Item 4.f above. The SOA’s consulting engineer, Seth Padovan, will also give a verbal report.

6.c.  Finance & CSC Charters – Proposed revisions to the Finance & Budget Committee (committee membership clarifications) and the Community Standards Committee (also membership clarifications) Charters will be considered. Proposed revisions are available via the following links:

Finance & Budget Committee Charter                Community Standards Committee Charter

6.d  Easement Access Offer for Ventana Ridge – At the May 14th BOD Meeting, The Board approved (on a 4:1 vote) a counter offer to the Ventana Ridge proposal of $53,353 for some access rights through a small undeveloped portion of SOA property (see SU post of May 25th “May 22th BOD Meeting Recap”, Item 6.c for details). Apparently the BOD feels that some additional discussion on the counter offer amount is in order.

New Business:

7.a.  CartBarn Proposal to Repair or Replace Golf Cart – Two proposals under consideration: 1) A new cart at $8,740, or 2) A used cart at $5,019. Board Packet did not address intended use or condition of any existing cart(s).

7.b.  Brightview Proposal for Tree Replacement – Calls for replacement of 100 dead or “missing” trees, primarily along the Somersett Parkway, at a proposed price of $20,468.

7.c  EPS Proposal for Lower Parkway Shelf Clean Up – A $18,500 proposal for removal of accumulated and fallen rock twice per year including quarterly inspections.

Note:  With regard to Items 7.b and 7.c above, per a recently approved SOA Expense Policy: “Those items over $12,000 will generally be sent out to bid and reviewed by the Board of Directors for approval”. Will that be the case here?

7.d.  Kane Proposal for Crescent Point Rockery Wall & SBE Slope Stability Monitoring – Extends SOA rental of monitoring equipment for another year (June 2019 – June 2020) for a proposed price of $8,500. Includes system maintenance and a one time visit to insure proper equipment operation.

7.e  AD-HOC Water Committee Mission Statement and Goals – At the March 27th BOD Meeting, the Board approved the formation of an Ad-Hoc committee, consisting of Board members Tom Fitzgerald and Frank Leto, with an objective to meet with SGCC representatives and reach agreements on maintenance of the “Water Facilities” supplying water to the SGCC and Canyon9 Golf Courses. A “Mission Statement & Goals” document for this committee was prepared for discussion and approval, a copy of which is available via the following link:   SGCC and SOA Water Management Advisory Committee

Note: See SU Posts of March 12th entitled “SOA and SGCC Water Facilities Agreement” and March 11th entitled “Golf Course Water Supply System Report” for the details behind formation of this committee, which, perhaps, the SOA Board felt necessary to insure that the SGCC lives up to its responsibilities under the SOA/SGCC Water Facilities Agreement.

One thought on “June 26th SOA BOD Meeting Update

  1. This is about a comment made in Somersett Happenings, about the BOD wanting HOA members to observe and participate in what goes on.. at the BOD meetings, members are limited to 3 minutes at the beginning of the meeting (with no comment from BOD members..).. At the end of the meeting you can speak (IF you fill out a form when you enter the meeting..).. If you get an idea during the meeting, you can’t mention it, because you didn’t fill out the comment paper at the beginning of the meeting..Not very conducive to getting people involved.. Also, how many times has the subject of another, pee-free adult pool come up.. with no interest or action?? There are lots of ideas, but I get the idea that the BOD is” too tired” to pursue them.. worn out from figuring out how to finance SGC debt..

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