July 24th SOA BOD Meeting

Following is the final Agenda for the July 24th SOA Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting. Meeting starts at 5:30 PM at The Club at Town Center. The BOD Meeting Packet supporting the meeting is also available on the SOA website at www.somersett.net under the SOA/Committees & Meetings tab.

July 24th BOD Meeting Agenda

Details associated with meeting agenda items, as derived from the BOD Meeting Packet, follow:

SOA Committee Reports:

4.c. Communications – Recommended approval of SOA website enhancement proposal from D4-Advanced Media (see item 7.f. below). Requested $10,000 be budgeted for website maintenance in 2020.

4.e. General Manager Report – The General Manager Report contained the following entry regarding the SOA/SGCC Water Facilities Committee: “The Committee met on July 18th and agreed to get cost proposals for preliminary work needed to determine if the potential well location near the pond at the ninth hole is a viable option”.

Editorial Note: This implies that the drilling of a new well is being contemplated, which has not heretofore been discussed at a Board meeting. This raises the following questions as to its purpose: 1) To replace an existing water source ? 2) To provide additional water for golf course maintenance or other use? 3) Who will use the water from the new well? and 4) who pays for the evaluations and cost proposals?


5.c. 2018 Audit – In addition to the monthly Treasurers Report, the BOD Meeting Packet contains the draft 2018 Audit Report issued by the SOA Auditor Hilburn and Lein, CPAs. The Table of Contents from the report may be accessed via the following link:

SOA 2018 Draft Audit Report Table of Contents

Readers who are interested in the financial details contained in the report may access the BOD Meeting Packet as previously noted above.

Old Business:

6.a. Legal Updates – Regarding the Rockery Wall lawsuit, the July 16th SOA Attorney Legal Disclosure Letter advised that a hearing was held on July 15th in which the Defendant’s (Somersett Development Company, et. al) request for a summary judgment was heard as well as the SOA’s motion to strike the defendant’s statute of limitations and repose defenses. A written opinion from the Court is expected within the next two to four weeks.

6.b. Easement Access Appraisal Proposal for Ventana Ridge – A proposal from Valbridge Property Advisors in the amount of $4,500 to appraise the worth of an easement access through SOA property as requested by the Ventana Ridge Developer.

New Business:

7.b. Trail Patch and Root Barrier Proposal – A Request for Proposal generated by Padovan Consulting LLC for asphalt patching, root removal and root barrier installation along portions of the Silver Willow Trail, Sierra Canyon Trail and Somersett Parkway Trail.

7.c. Scott Valley Ct Ditch Cleanout and Erosion Control Proposal – A proposal from EPS in the amount of $25,738 to clean out approximately 430 ft of drainage channel and construct a 350 ft Rock Wall with a 350 ft rip rap buffer and fiber trench on uphill side.

7.d. Ratify Boards Decision to Dissolve the CSC – At the June 26th Board meeting the Board voted to dissolve the Community Standards Committee. This over the objection of Board Member Roland who questioned the legality of voting on an issue not specifically identified on the Agenda. In publishing the meeting minutes, this website quoted the NRS statute which appeared to validate Mr. Roland’s position. So what is this agenda item about? Perhaps to properly identify it and revote (validate) on their previous action.

7.e. Revised Expense Policy – At the June 26th Board meeting the Board approved two single sourced proposals in the $20K range. A homeowner commented that this was not in keeping with a recently approved SOA Expense Policy which stated that projects over $12K should be bid out. Therefore, the Board should either adhere to the policy or change it. Hence the proposed revised Expense Policy that increases the suggested amount for competitive biding to $25K. A copy of the revised policy may be accessed via the following link:

Expense Policy SOME.0023.01

7.f.  Website Enhancement Proposal – A proposal from D4 Advanced Media in the amount of $3,222 for SOA Website Updates.

7.g.  Back Nine Trail Speed Control Device Survey – A tabulation of approximately 120 responses to four questions (along with some supplementary comments) related to a request that speed reducer devices be installed along the Back Nine Trail road. This for the protection of children. However, the tabulated responses contained within the Board Packet are essentially meaningless as published, as the four questions were not identified.