SOA Facilities & Amenities Projects

As reported on at the July 24th Board of Directors meeting, the Strategic Planning and Facilities Committee is compiling a list of potential projects for future consideration, with prioritization. This initial list was published on the SOA Website under the “Discussions with Terry” News item and may also be accessed via the following link:

SOA Project List

In accessing the list, note that those projects currently under consideration for 2020 budgeting are highlighted in yellow, and consist of the following:

  • Modify/Expand Existing Athletic Room – Expand into existing card room
  • Repurpose Stage Area – Wall up stage area in gym to make an additional fitness room
  • Solar or Geothermal Additions – Reduce electrical costs
  • Electric Car Charging Stations
  • Cover for the Lap Pool

Per the Facilities Committee, the project list is intended to be a “Living Document” capturing project ideas from all sources and providing a starting point for the process of evaluating, costing, and making recommendations to the BOD for budgeting.

Note that the project priorities for 2020 have not yet been finalized and financial considerations will obviously come into play. Especially those whose cost may require an assessment increase.

For those of you who may have your own project ideas, or want to voice opinions on project prioritization, the Strategic Planning and Facilities Committee meetings are always open to all Association Members. Meeting times are published on the SOA Website under the SOA/Committees & Meetings Tab (login required). The next Committee meeting is scheduled for 2 PM on Tuesday August 6th at The Club at Town Center.

Also, if you are interested in serving the community on these endeavors, the Strategic Planning and Facilities Committees currently has an available opening. To view its Charter, click on the following link:

Strategic Planning – Facilities Committee Charter





7 thoughts on “SOA Facilities & Amenities Projects

  1. Nice update. Just to clarify These are just under research for more information and funding has not been committed.

  2. My thoughts on the proposals:
    1) Wall up gym area: Dividing the gym would impair the possibility of future activities that might need a different arrangement.
    2) Solar/geothermal additions take many years to recoup the initial cost and technology is changing. 3) Electric car charging station: All members of Sierra Canyon live within a few blocks of the lodge and can charge their cars at home. No need for extra expenses for the association.

    1. I agree with Eugene’s comment on charging stations, why should all Association members pay for their installation and absorb the electricity costs for the few who have electric cars? They should have their own charging stations in their garages, so why the need at TCTC when most only live a short distance away? Does not make sense to me. Need to focus on projects that benefit the entire community, not a select group.

      1. We pay for the electricity that we use (at Macy’s & other places) by inserting a credit card, so there would be no electricity paid for by the SOA.. People moving to our community from CA, and other places, have electric vehicles, and expect these types of facilities. It’s the way of now, and the near future, Jim! This would help our community, not hurt it!

        1. We are only looking at charging stations and sometimes they are installed free. So why don’t we wait unit the report comes in to find out? Facilities meeting is Next Tuesday. Plan to attend and have some positive amenity suggestions we can add to the list.

          1. In the event I miss the meeting, I’d like a pizza/sandwich/coffee restaurant, and an adult only pool. I’d also like a couple ofcharging stations at the TCTC. I’d like some form of solar energy for the TC as our community should lead and not follow, if we want to bolster property values.

            1. We would ALL like an adult pool however it’s not legal any more. Wish it was. Restaurant is going in where the grape and grain is and that is great news. Soft opening in Oct.
              Will add your comments regarding solar if you don’t make the meeting.

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