Sunset Bluffs and the SGCC

The Jenuane Communities Sunset Bluffs development in Mogul (41 homesites) has included a Somersett Golf and Country Club (SGCC) equity membership plus one years dues with the purchase of a home. Equity memberships at the SGCC are currently selling for $2,500 with $400/month dues for the first year ($500/mo. thereafter) and a $150/quarter food & beverage minimum. This equates to a $7,900 value to a Sunset Bluffs buyer. However, is it safe to assume that if the buyer is a non-golfer, some credit on the purchase price will be in order?

They also advertise membership at The Club at Town Center (TCTC) and Canyon9, albeit at buyer expense. However, this is not through the Developer, but via their equity membership at the SGCC. TCTC and Canyon9 access rights via the SGCC are granted under Article VII Section 8 “Somersett Country Club Membership Rights to Use Club at Town Center and Canyon9 Golf Course” of the Somersett CC&R’s, which can only be revoked by the SGCC (i.e., not the SOA). The CC&R’s do not identify the fees attributable to non-Somersett owner use, only that they are “reasonably similar” to the fees being paid by Somersett Owners. In this regard the SOA is currently charging $105/month, which is higher than the $89/month for Somersett owners (Note: Per the SGCC website, their fee for this access is $115/mo., does this mean a surcharge for the SGCC?).

Some have voiced a concern over non-Somersett owner use of TCTC fearing overcrowding. However, this is not really a problem as currently only 26 fall into this category. It is also doubtful that many of the Sunset Bluff’s purchasers will take advantage of this. Given only 41 homesites how many buyers will actually end up being Country Club Members, and how many of these will pay the additional $115/month fee (in addition to their own $40/mo. association fee) for access to the TCTC and Canyon9? Although the Sunset Bluffs development borders Somersett, there is no direct road connecting the two, therefore a five-mile journey to the Town Center.

Perhaps the planned and  neighboring Ventana Ridge development should also follow suit, the more the merrier – Country Club Members that is!