SGCC Related Documents – Get the Facts

There has been a lot of discourse on the Somersett NextDoor website, some unfortunately nasty, on the relationship between the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) and the Somersett Golf and Country Club (SGCC), particularly with regard to the Rockery Wall and Water Facilities issues, and whether or not the SOA should forgive and/or assume the cost for perceived SGCC liabilities . Some of the discourse accuses those with opposite viewpoints of spreading misinformation, telling lies and factual incorrectness, with some directed at this website.

Does SU publish editorial opinions, yes, and all readers have the opportunity to respond accordingly. However, we take pride in also publishing the facts, with appropriate document references, that form the basis for our opinions. Although these documents have been previously published, following is a listing, with links, of documents that pertain to this issue. (also available under the References Tab). We ask all readers, who have an interest in truthful representation, to read them and make up their own minds as to the facts and their implications.

  1. August 2014 SGCC Purchase Agreement (Executed)– This was the Agreement entered into between the two parties. It identifies all the parameters and responsibilities of the two parties pertaining to the SOA’s purchase of the SGCC’s Land, Water Facilities and Water Rights and the subsequent leaseback of these assets to the SGCC.
  2. August 2014 Water Facilities Agreement – Part of the Purchase and Lease Agreement. It establishes responsibilities for the operation and maintenance of the Water Facilities and Water Rights that provide the irrigation sources for both the SGCC and SOA Canyon 9 golf courses.
  3. October 2016 Attorney Letter to SGCC on Lease Viloations – Letter advising the SGCC of certain Lease Agreement violations, particularly with regard to the Water Facilities.
  4. October 2017 Attorney Letter to SGCC – Letter advising the SGCC on their liability for the Rockery Wall failure on SGCC leased land.
  5. November 2017 SOA Attorney Letter to SGCC– Letter advising the SGCC that violation notices contained in the October 2017 letter would be placed on hold pending release of an engineering report on failure assessment. Also, that the SOA would consider paying for damages provided the SGCC will reimburse the SOA on “mutually agreed terms”.
  6. January 2018 CME Rockery Wall Preliminary Failure Investigation Report – The engineering report referenced in the November 2017 Attorney letter, which investigated the causes of failure for the Trail Ridge Court (Hole 5) Rockery Walls.
  7. July 2018 SGCC Tolling Agreement – Basically an agreement to put Rockery Wall litigation hold pending the outcome of the SOA’s lawsuit against the Somersett Development Company et. al.
  8. January 2019 Canyon9 & SGCC Water Supply Infrastructure Review – Report by SOA Consulting Engineer on inspection of the Water Facilities identifying maintenance issues and cost estimates.
  9. June 2019 First Amendment to Tolling Agreement – Extended the Tolling date thru December 2019
  10. July 2019 Golf Course Water Supply Infastructure – Maintenance Cost Summary – Spreadsheet generated by the SGCC & SOA Water Management Advisory Committee identifying Water Supply System components, near and long term maintenance requirements, cost estimates and responsible parties (i.e., the SOA or SGCC).

As mentioned above, SU has been accused of telling lies and incorrectly stating the facts. Naturally SU takes umbrage to these accusations and invites anyone to identify where this has occurred.

As always, this website is open to all for commenting, pro or con, on SU website postings and comments, hopefully in a civil manner.