Transcript of Summary Judgement Hearing

Our last post (i.e., Rockery Wall Litigation Update 6) published the Nevada District Court Order granting a Summary Judgenment in favor of the Defendants in the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Chapter 40 Construction Defects lawsuit. This pursuant to the Summary Judgement Hearing held before the Court on July 15th.

For a background information on the aforementioned Summary Judgement Hearing, the reader is directed to SU’s previous post of July 22nd entitled “Rockery Wall Lawsuit Summary Judgement Hearing”. This post contained links to the Court documents associated with the Defendant’s motion for a Summary Judgement based on statutes of limitations and repose, and the SOA’s motion to strike such defenses, both of which were subsequently argued before the Court at the Summary Judgement Hearing of July 15th.

Due to its 118 page length, the SU Post of July 22nd did not contain an access to the actual transcript of the Summary Judgement Hearing. However, given the subsequent Court order granting the Summary Judgement, a few of our readers may be interested in reading the actual transcript of what was presented/argued at the Hearing by the Defendant’s and SOA Attornies as well as the questions and comments of the presiding Judge. Therefore, access to the transcript may be accomplished via the following link:

Transcript of Summary Judgement Hearing

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