And Then There Were Four!

Per Mr. Leto’s comment, and in light of Mr. Orsburn’s Candidate Form being withdrawn from the SOA Website, apparently, Mr. Orsburn has removed his name as a candidate for the SOA Board of Directors. Mr. Orsburn was the only candidate not to submit the supplementary one-page write-up supporting his candidacy, and the letter designations he used on his Candidate Form were most likely unknown to most, therefore, his qualifications the most unrevealing. Although it is not our place to question his motives, which are likely well placed, one can question the veracity of those who place their hat in the ring only to withdraw it at the last minute (this has happened before).

One thought on “And Then There Were Four!

  1. Hello my name is Craig Hanson and a candidate for the Somersett Board. The Board has scheduled two meet and greet dates for the candidates and I cannot make either. The dates were set even though I indicated to the Board I was unavailable when they were trying to set the dates. I am out of town and my absence in no way reflects my desire to be on the Board. I will provide a statement to the Board to be read at the meet and greets.

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