Craig Hanson SOA BOD Candidate

Submitted by Craig Hanson, Somersett Owners Association Board of Directors Candidate

Hello my name is Craig Hanson and I am a candidate to become a member on the Somersett Homeowners Association Board.

I am running for the position because of concerns I have with the current direction of the Board with regard to their decision making process and policies.

I have 35 years of experience with the State of California managing large organizations with
budgets of billions of dollars. I was the budget officer for several state departments of diverse
program goals including health services, fish and game programs and social welfare programs.
I have reviewed hundreds of budget proposals, enacted numerous budget reductions,
reviewed legislation and regulations, analyzed program systems, managed automation projects
and testified before many legislative committees and control agencies. I have served on an
international board for interstate trucking holding discussions on decisions affected all truckers

I believe with my skill set I can bring a rational, practical, logical approach to ensuring
decisions are made that benefit the majority of residents of our community and do not raise
fees or assessments for unnecessary expenditures.

I will use my voice to improve the current communication environment with more open
comment and discussion from residents on the issues they have. Three minutes with no
discussion is not the way to get public support for policy and expenditure decisions. Open
dialogue with discussion and sharing of information provides the residents with the logic
behind decisions and leaves no room for conjecture.

Further I can promise you I will not vote to approve any budget until I am satisfied the
expenditures are completely necessary and within our current means of paying for it. New fees
and assessments will be my last consideration after all other alternatives are exhausted.
Budgets are choices between priorities. Needs versus wants. Maintenance versus

I will also use my voice to change the current compliance environment which I believe has
become very restrictive and not conducive to any person seeking to purchase a home in
Somersett. Requiring residents to submit a plan and pay $40 to replace a dead plant is
beyond the pale. I understand having standards to ensure the community keeps its charm and
attractive looks is important but so is making residents and potential buyers not feel oppressed
by numerous detailed rules which contribute little to housing prices. No one wants to buy or
live in a neighborhood where you are afraid to change a plant.

Finally I will use my voice to enact a policy to minimize the use of law suits to resolve issues. I
think recent events have shown the fallacy of using attorneys to resolve a fiscal problem. Tort
claims rarely yield the results you expect and oftentimes cost more than the gain.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope you will cast your vote for me in the upcoming
election. I can guarantee you I will live up to the promises I have made.