Who to Vote For?


Good question! What are you looking for in a SOA Board Director? Financial Expertise? Prior HOA Board Service? Administrative Experience?, Diversity?, Sub Association Affiliation? Active in Community Affairs? Other?

For those who attended the Candidate Night sessions you certainly heard a lot to assist you in making up your mind. This via Candidate responses to questions dealing with: 1) qualifications and relevant experience, 2) time available to devote to the position, 2) outside influences and/or conflicts of interest, 3) individual priorities, 4) SOA Committee participation preferences, 5) purpose for running, 6) familiarity with SOA’s governing documents, 8) Somersett Golf & Country Club relationship and other pertinent questions. These as well as the Candidates opening and closing statements.

However, only a small minority of Somersett owners attend these sessions. Therefore, if you did not have the opportunity to attend, how do you decide who to vote for? In the past, videos of the Candidate Night sessions were made available for all homeowners to view. Not so this year, apparently the SOA management staff (FirstService Residential) did not see fit to provide the resources to do so. An unaceptable action, or lack of action, in our mind!

Therefore, what other avenues of information are available to our owner voters? Obviously the Candidate statements contained within the Ballot mailing package, which provide the source that many will rely upon. However, this source is limited, therefore, talk to your friends and neighbors to gain their perspectives. Also, for those of you who want to voice your support for a particular candidate or candidates, and why, consider social media such as this website, Somersett Nextdoor or the SOA’s Facebook Page (not sure what restrictions would apply here).

SU has chosen not to endorse any of the Candidates, feeling they are all qualified to serve. We will leave that to others, and as mentioned above, reader comments, pro or con, on any of the Candidates are always welcome.  This includes postings and comments from our Candidates as well.  In this regard, SU would like to acknowledge and appreciates those submitted by Board Candidate Craig Hanson, and the candidness in which he addressed his position on community issues.



One thought on “Who to Vote For?

  1. No doubt in my mind that Craig Hanson and Simon Baker will serve the needs of the community well, especially the financial ones.

    Straight from the horse’s mouth (I asked management), do not need to put account number on the outside of the ballot mailing envelope.

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