BOD Candidate Craig Hanson Q&A

Posted by Craig Hanson SOA Board Candidate

 SU Note:  Due to prior commitments, Mr. Hanson was unable to attend the “SOA BOD Candidate Night”.  Therefore, he is taking this opportunity to provide responses to the questions asked of each candidate by the SOA Moderator.

Candidate questions (paraphrased)

(1) Are you prepared to spend many hours on board duties?  Yes

(2) Do you have outside influences which would cause you to recuse yourself?  No

(3) Did you access social media to prepare for candidate night?  Was not at the night but I have reviewed our law suits, NRS 116, CCRs and budget documents.

(4) What is the top issue you want to address?  Resolve the budget issues facing the Association particularly the golf course expenditures.

(5) What committee are you interested in?  Budget/Finance and Aesthetics

(6) How long been in community?  2.5 years. I provided a statement on why I was running. Basically to get the Association fiscally sound and less onerous.

(7) Have I reviewed the budget and reserve study?  I have looked mainly at the budget. Reserve will be next. The best resolution is to reduce our debt by examining our current loans which is the bulk of our debt and finding ways to liquidate them via sales of assets. Then you zero base the budget and eliminate any unnecessary items. These amounts are not very large compared to the loan payments. Review of staffing needs would also be reviewed.

(8) Do I understand the sub associations and why they exist? Yes. They exist as cost centers to ensure costs associated just with the sub Association are charged to them alone. This question also asked how I would use the sub associations to create cohesiveness. I would ensure they know what is happening in the common area cost arena so they are not caught unaware.

(9) Do I understand the CCRs and my role as a Board member?  Yes

(10) Are you aware of the aesthetics committee?  Yes but know little of their make-up or duties. I do know of their effects on community relations and believe they should be toned down a bit. It is a careful balance between what looks pleasing and oppressive rules.

(11) How would describe the connection between the Country Club and Somersett?   Strained. The two entities used to be largely separated until the purchase. Now it has become a bit onerous with ever increasing liabilities. The largest expenditures for Somersett are the golf course and related operational liabilities. This has strained community resources and virtually eliminated any new initiatives.