Sierra Canyon Board Meeting Agenda Item

The following Post submitted by Nancy Chantos – Sierra Canyon Owner

Sierra Canyon Homeowners and Residents,

On the agenda for the November 13th BOD Meeting is the ‘Appointment of a Board Member’ once they accept the resignation of Steve Gudarian.

Just as Margaret & Rob have adamantly objected to in an email to the BOD and in a post on Nextdoor Somersett, I also am opposed to the board appointing a director to fill the current open position resulting from Steve’s recent resignation.

There is absolutely no reason that would benefit the community by filling this open position this late in the (election) year.

  1. We still have a quorum for voting on all issues even with this vacant position.
  2. Including the November meeting, there are only 3 meetings left before the new BOD takes over. The December meeting will either be cancelled, or be an open forum with Neoma Jardon — our Ward 5 Councilperson — meeting with us … not official business as usual.
  3. The appointment of a Director for this short remainder of Steve’s term would represent an ‘endorsement of a candidate’ for the upcoming election by the current, seated Board. The appearance of a prejudicial move would be evident.
  4. The appointed Director could then run in the upcoming BOD election as an incumbent, thus giving this individual an unfair advantage in the election.
  5. The BOD can appoint anyone they select – regardless of qualifications – for any reasons.
    BIG QUESTION: Why was this position not advertised to the community and interviews held similar to how all open Committee positions are handled?

What can you do as a Sierra Canyon Homeowner? Please attend the November 13th BOD meeting scheduled for 5:30 PM in the Sierra/Tahoe Room. Complete a form to speak and turn ii in prior to the start of the meeting. Simply state that you are opposed to the Board appointing a Director for the remaining 3 months. Also, if you are the ‘designated appointee’, simply refuse for all of the reasons stated above.

2 thoughts on “Sierra Canyon Board Meeting Agenda Item

  1. Nancy,

    Does the Sierra Canyon Board operate under a separate set of Bylaws than the SOA? Apparently so, because per the “BYLAWS FOR THE SOMWERSETT OWNERS ASSOCIATION” Board vacancies must be filled via election, not appointed by the Board.

  2. I strongly oppose any ‘appointment’ to the Board of Sierra Canyon, especially at this late date and specifically because it is absolutely unnecessary. I’m unable to attend tonight’s Board of Directors meeting but would be more than willing to sign a petition expressing/conveying my concerns. Is anyone aware of such a Petition? Please advise. Mahalo!!

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