2019 SOA BOD Election

The Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Director (BOD) election ballots were counted at the Annual SOA Homeowner Meeting on Monday, November 18th. Four candidates were running for the two open BOD positions. Vote count results were as follows:

  • Simon Baker  –  566
  • Craig Hanson  –  541
  • Frank Leto  –  458
  • Kathryn Wild  –  409

As the two highest vote getters, congratulations to Simon Baker and Craig Hanson on their election to the Boarrd. Also, kudos to Frank Leto for his service on the SOA Board the past two years, and Kathryn Wild for her unselfish interest in serving the Community.

Also, given that there was not a quorum of owners present, or via proxy, to vote on the SOA’s 2020 Budget, it was automatically deemed ratified.

Once again, it appears that the 2019 BOD elections were not a high priority for most, as only about a third of all unit owners submitted a ballot.


8 thoughts on “2019 SOA BOD Election

  1. Looks like a great win tonight (Nov 18) for all owners with the two winning candidates both bringing badly needed financial muscle (with no special interest baggage from years past), to where it can best benefit the whole community. Glad one is from SOA and one from SCA. Hopefully they will make a good team looking out for the concerns of both associations.

  2. We have an all male panel! Too bad.

    Looking at the results, it seems that we’re going to have a few more years of infighting between Sierra Canyon, the Golf Club and the SOA.

    In any case, good luck to the new board. I really hope they succeed in appeasing the situation.

  3. Congratulations Simon and Craig. New blood means new ideas, And I hope Kathy considers running for the Board in Sierra Canyon. Ideas and positive energy equals success.

  4. Thank you to all who ran for BOD positions! We have 2 new members of our SOA Board with lots of financial experience … just what we need right now.

    I hope more homeowners will become involved. Whether on committees or just attending meetings. The more people who get involved and interested in making this a great community, the better we will become.

    Congratulations to Craig and Simon. Lots of work ahead of you!!!

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