SOA Board of Director Officers for 2020

Following the Somerset Owners Association (SOA) Board of Director (BOD) elections, the new Board met and selected the following as officers for 2020.

President  –  Tom Fitzgerald
Secretary  –  Terry Retter
Treasurer  –  Simon Baker
Vice Presidents  –   Craig Hanson and Joe Strout

BOD Incumbents Tom Fitzgerald and Terry Retter maintain the same positions they have held for the past year.  Newly elected BOD member Simon Baker replaces Incumbent Joe Strout as Treasurer.  This is a good move considering Mr. Baker’s experience as Treasurer for major corporations and may help alleviate the concerns of Mr. Strout being Treasurer for both the SOA and the Somersett Golf and Country Club (SGCC). Given pending issues between the SOA and the SGCC, many felt that holding both these positions could present a conflict of interest problem for Mr. Strout. Newly elected BOD member Craig Hanson also has a strong financial background, who along with Mr. Baker and Mr. Strout provides the SOA Board with significant financial expertise.  Perhaps leading the SOA into a more favorable financial position.

One thought on “SOA Board of Director Officers for 2020

  1. Next election we need to vote in two more Sierra Canyon residents who have 1) Zero involvement with SGCC, and 2) A very strong and experienced financial background. The only way to truly make a change is to force out the past incumbents. They’ve shown very clearly that they have zero concern for the financial well being of the majority of the residents. There’s so much negative that can be said about them.

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