Thanksgiving Message

SU would like to take this opportunity to extend best wishes to all our readers for a happy Thanksgiving, keeping in mind that, being more than just a dinner:

“Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season, and represents food, family and moments of sharing and professing gratitude”. Sarah Moore.

“Thanksgiving is a time to give, a time to love, and a time to reflect on the things that matter most in life”. Danielle Duckery,


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Message

  1. Thank you for the holiday message, and thank you for all the information you have shared with us regarding the challenges we have, and are facing here in our Somersett community.
    May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. As Thanksgiving 2019 draws to a close I hope all who came to this blog today, and have in the past, had a happy day.

    I look forward to more people becoming followers as word of it as a (should I say “the”) source of enlightening association information continues to spread throughout the community. I hope you will ask your friends and neighbors to join and not be afraid to make comments. The more points-of-view the better.

    A special happy holiday wish to the blog master. All the work you do is appreciated by many.

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