Sierra Canyon BOD Error?

The Following Post submitted by Nancy Chontos, Sierra Canyon Homeowner

Sierra Canyon BOD and Management Violate my Homeowner Rights at the last BOD Meeting

At the November Sierra Canyon BOD Meeting, both the BOD and the Management Staff violated my homeowner rights by saying that I couldn’t speak on the topic I was trying to discuss. There is NOTHING in NRS and/or the Rules & Regulations that give them the authority to censor the topics of discussion by a homeowner.

There has been unfair use of POWER from this current Sierra Canyon BOD and Management Team at meetings and also as to how they have implemented ‘punishment’ towards homeowners.

If this is as upsetting to you as it is to me, please consider running for the BOD for 2020 or supporting the candidates that the IMAGINE Sierra Canyon Group will be endorsing. We want compassionate people who will listen to the residents, and do what is in the best interest for our entire community.

If you are tired of what has been going on, please subscribe to our website at and read about what’s REALLY going on in this community.

Let’s bring the power back to the homeowners and away from the self-serving BOD and Management Staff.

Editorial Note: On the surface, it would appear that Ms. Chontos’s rights were indeed violated. NRS 116.31085 establishes the right for owners to speak at Board meetings subject only to reasonable time limitations. No restrictions are placed on subject matter, which is not mentioned in the Post. Perhaps a Sierra Canyon Board Member, Management Staff or Meeting Attendee would care to provide an alternate viewpoint. Also, be advised that SU has no interest in or affiliation with the website referenced in Ms. Chontos’s article.

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