December 12th SOA BOD Meeting

Following is the Final Agenda for the December 12th Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting at The Club at Town Center (TCTC). No change from the draft agenda previously published except for inclusion of the October 2019 financials.

December 12th BOD Meeting Agenda – Final

Information/comments on some of the agenda items (noted) as obtained from the Board Meeting Packet follow:

Committee Reports:

  • 4.a  Budget & Finance – Recommended approval of the Vasco proposal for Item 7.h Play Pool Electrical Work, and Item 7.j SI Legacy proposal for TCTC carpet replacement.
  • 4.b  Communications – Upcoming tasks: 1) Enhancements to improve the usability of the SOA website are nearing completion and should be ready for implementation early in 2020; 2) A look into the feasibility of posting ads on the SOA website to generate revenue; and 3) Commissioned FirstService Residential to print a large map of the community to facilitate communication at Board meetings. Also determined that the use of electronic communication signs within the community are not possible due to City of Reno restrictions.
  • 4.d  General Manager – A Rockery Wall Inspection Program report indicates that, to date, there is nothing significant to report. The November Padovan Consulting update on SOA engineering projects may be accessed via the following link:     SOA Engineering Update – November 2019

Old Business:

  • 6.a  Legal Updates – On November 1, 2019, the SOA filed notices of appeal against the Court’s ruling on the Summary Judgement in favor of the Defendants (Somersett Development Company et al.) in the Rockery Wall lawsuit. Appeals were assigned to the NRAP Settlement Program. A subsequent telephone conference with the Settlement Judge resulted in a Mediation Session set for March 13, 2020. The SOA also filed an opposition motion against each Defendants’ motion for attorney fees, a ruling on this matter is expected before year end. Note: Information on the NRAP Settlement Program may be accessed via the following link:
  • 6.b,c  Ventana Ridge Easement Access Appraisal and String/Bare Bulb Lighting Policy – No background info contained in the BOD Meeting Packet. Apparently just a discussion on status.

New Business:

  • 7.a  Unanimous Written Consent – Board Meeting Packet contained an unsigned Unanimous Written Consent document approving Generation Pool to perform repairs to the TCTC kids play pool (resurfacing) in the amount of $58,500. Not sure why the Consent Document is unsigned. Note: Unanimous Written Consent authorizations are normally used when there is an urgency involved. That is, cannot wait until the next Board Meeting.
    7.b  Rockery Wall Lawsuit Appeal Decision – No background info contained in the Board Meeting Packet on this item. Assume that it relates to an SOA previous announcement that an Attorney would be present to answer homeowner questions regarding the Appeal.
    7.c,d  Sealed Bids to be opened for the Canyon9 Golf Course, Town Square and TCTC Landscape Maintenance. Services are currently being performed by Reno Green (Canyon9) and Signature landscaping (Town Square & TCTC).
    7.e,f,g,h,i, j  The following Vendor proposals will be acted on:
    1. IQ Technology Solutions at $2,455/month for IT Managed Services.
    2. Imagine Marketing & Design annual contract for publishing of the Somersett Living Magazine at no cost to the SOA. Imagine makes revenue off of ads.
    3. Prestige Building Maintenance at $6,250/month (2-year contract) for TCTC janitorial services.  Comment: at $75,000 annually, was there no competitive bidding?
    4. Vasco Electric at $15,247 for TCTC kids play pool pump control system upgrade.
    5. Commercial Fitness Equipment at $3,037 for a Precor UBK-835 Upright Bike.
    6. TCTC flooring (carpet) replacement (3 options) from three different Vendors: 1) SI Legacy at $25,200-$30,700-$38,400; 2) BC Floor Coverings at $26,700-$32,455-$40,675; and 3) Definitive Flooring at $27,470-$34.08 -$41,860.
  • 7.k  Appoint Members to West Park Community Garden Committee – No info contained in the Board Meeting Packet as to who the members will be.
  • 7.n  Amended Liquor License – Amendment terminates the current liquor license with FirstService Residential effective January 1, 2020. No indication as to how this will be handled moving forward.
  • 7.o  Board Liaison Assignments for Committees – Assignments (Primary/Alternate) are as follows: 1) AGC – Fitzgerald/Hanson; 2) Finance – Baker/Strout; 3) Communications – Retter/Hanson; 4) Garden – Strout; 5) Facilities – Retter/Baker; and 6) SGCC – Fitzgerald, Hanson, Baker.
  • 7.r  SGCC Tolling Agreement Appointment of Executive Committee – Per item 7.o, this will consist of Board members Fitzgerald, Hanson and Baker (obvious as Board Members Strout and Retter are SGCC Members). No information contained in the Board Meeting Packet as to the purpose/charter of this Committee. Perhaps to negotiate a settlement with the SGCC rather than pursue litigation?

This is the first open Board Meeting that includes the two newly elected Board members Craig Hanson and Simon Baker. As always, owners are encouraged to attend the monthly SOA BOD Meetings. Especially this one, given the controversial decision to appeal the Rockery Wall lawsuit and the attendance of an SOA Attorney to answer questions in this regard..



10 thoughts on “December 12th SOA BOD Meeting

  1. In reference to the following item …..

    7.r SGCC Tolling Agreement Appointment of Executive Committee – Per item 7.o, this will consist of Board members Fitzgerald, Hanson and Baker (obvious as Board Members Strout and Retter are SGCC Members). No information contained in the Board Meeting Packet as to the purpose/charter of this Committee. Perhaps to negotiate a settlement with the SGCC rather than pursue litigation?

    If I’m not mistaken, the SGCC owes the SOA a significant amount of money. Why in the world negotiate a settlement that will surly result in a reduced payback ? I suggest litigation that provides the SOA with full control and ownership of SGCC. Once that is completed, bring in a professional golf course manager who can run the course as a profit making proposal, even if it’s a small amount. Just get the SGCC out of the SOA’s pocket book.

    1. I agree. Let a professional management company evaluate the viability as a golf course. I they come up with an acceptable plan then let them operate it as a daily fee golf course. Otherwise close it and retain some of the fairways as open green recreational areas. Under no circumstances should the BOD be involved in the SGCC clubhouse.

    2. Don, Your post makes sense. Negotiations with SGCC can only cost SOA homeowners more money. Under its present structure, SGCC has, and never will be a financially viable without continued bailouts from SOA. Its quite apparent SGCC members are not wiling to pay for the costs of a private golf course, but expect other to continue to subsidize it.

  2. That and more. I’m also very concerned about the long term success of the “Grill” at the golf course. With new high quality restaurants moving into the Center area, this will surly reduce
    the number of diners who might go to the Grill. The limited number of SGCC members can’t keep it in a profitable mode, particularly during the off season. So, who’s going to make up for this loss ? I hope that they don’t plan on a subsidy from SOA.

    1. Your concern for the financial success of the Grill is well placed. Generally golf grills and country club restaurants are money losers for clubs. That’s why most clubs have a monthly minimum spend at the restaurant. The last thing the SOA needs is another money losing black hole like a club restaurant.

  3. The CME Engineering Report as to the failure of the upper and lower rock walls states clearly that the lower wall (on SGCC land) failed first, causing the upper wall (SOA land) to fail. Therefore, it appears the demand for payment should be made immediately from the SOA Board or its attorney for full payment of the costs of repair. What is the purpose of dragging out this issue with a committee? The demand should be legally drafted and followed up legally. If there are 280 SGCC members, each could come up with approximately $2500 to pay for these repairs. If they won’t do this (quite a small amount for an exclusive club) then the property should by default revert to the SOA. The SOA could then look into alternate uses or professional management.

  4. Charnelle, thank you for the well thought out comments. I agree 100%. I have to wonder why the HOA ever considered the formation of a Committee to deal with this issue. Basically they barrowed money in support of the SGCC. They now are unable to repay the loan. It should be fully repaid with interest. We as the SOA members who provided the initial funds deserve nothing less. No committee ! If the funds aren’t repaid, then repossess the security.

  5. It’s quite clear that the SGCC owes SOA a significant amount of money. Seems that the HOA has to form a committee to discuss how best to handle this issue. Why not use the new policy that’s been approved for late fee’s paid to the HOA by the home owners. Instead of home owners maybe it’s more appropriate to say “the residents who provided the funds that are now owed by SGCC”. ………

    New Collection Policy:

    During the December 11th BOD Meeting, the board adopted a new collection policy outlining that the grace period for late payments will change from 30-days to 15-days. The second change on the collection policy changes the late fee from $25 to $30. These changes on the policy will be effective 30-days from the mailing date.

    A copy of the Updated Collection Policy, as well as copies of the other policies adopted by the Board at the December 11th meeting, will be mailed within 30-days of 12/11.

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