January 22nd SOA Board Meeting Agenda

The Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) open meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at 5:30 PM at The Club at Town Center (TCTC). The Draft Meeting Agenda as published by the SOA may be accessed by clicking on the following link:

January 22nd BOD Meeting Agenda – Draft

Agenda Items of particular interest include the following;

  • 6.d  SGCC Tolling Agreement  –  At the December BOD Meeting, the Board elected not to extend the Tolling Agreement with the SGCC (i.e., the Agreement that placed litigation against the SGCC for Rockery Wall failure repairs on hold). Instead, the BOD voted to establish an “Executive Committee” to negotiate with the SGCC on closure. Apparently this agenda item will discuss the Committee Charter and Membership.
  • 6.f  Canyon Nine Landscape Maintenance Proposals  –  At the December Board Meeting, two bids for a three year contract were opened, one from Reno Green (current vendor) and one from BrightView (albeit a different Division from the one currently performing the Common Area landscape maintenance). Both were close in price with different provisions for years 2 & 3. Bids were referred to Staff for “apples to apples” evaluations. Perhaps this Agenda item will result in the Board accepting one of these bids. Whatever the decision, pricing will be in the $285K/year range.
  • 6.e, 7.d, 7.e, 7.f  Committees  –  Agenda Items pertaining to SOA Committee memberships and Charter revisions, in part driven by the turnover in Board membership. Of particular interest is item 6.e relating to the SGCC/SOA Water Facilities Committee, a joint committee formed with the SGCC to insure that the golf course water facilities repair/maintenance activities were being carried out in a responsible and timely manner. However, this Committee has not met since September 5th of last year. Perhaps an update is in order.
  • 7.g, 7.h Todd Shaw and Bank of America Settlement Agreements  –  These litigations, along with the Rockery Wall Lawsuit Appeal, represent the only outstanding legal issues, not subject to attorney client privilege, being reported on by the SOA Attorneys. The Shaw issue deals with the filing of a lawsuit against the Association for improper denial of Architectural changes and imposition of fines. The Bank of America lawsuit pertains to Association liens and title issues against owner property obtained through a foreclosure process, which the current owner disputes. These items would suggest that a settlement, or proposed settlement, has been reached in both cases.
  • 8.0  Board Member Comments  –  It has been reported that the SOA General Manager, Tracy Carter, will be leaving FirstService Residential (FSR) in the not to distant future to pursue other opportunities. At the last Board meeting it was also reported that Mellissa Ramsey, FSR General Manager over all FSR HOA’s in Reno and former SOA Community Manager, would also be moving on. Perhaps the SOA Board President can address replacement status for these individuals?

As always, SU will provide an update on agenda items and comments when the SOA publishes its final Board Meeting Agenda and associated Board Meeting Packet.