Janurary 22nd SOA Board Meeting Packet?

As our readers know, SU posts the “Draft” SOA Board Meeting Agenda when released by the SOA and then follows up with the “Final” version along with information contained within the accompanying Board Meeting Packet. Both of which are usually released, and available on the SOA website, a few days prior to the scheduled meeting. However, we are now at the end of the day before the January 22nd meeting, and the SOA has not yet published a “Final” Meeting Agenda nor the Board Meeting Packet supporting it.  Unfortunate, as interested owners now have no advance information pertaining to the meeting agenda items, which help to form owner comments and opinions on agenda items.

Hopefully, this is just an oversight and not an indication of things to come for 2020.

5 thoughts on “Janurary 22nd SOA Board Meeting Packet?

  1. There should be no such thing as a “Draft” agenda and then a “Final” agenda. Shows the board is disorganized and doing things at the last minute. Doesn’t NRS have specific agenda requirements?

    1. Aaron,

      NRS 116.3108 establishes the requirements associated with owner meetings. Article 3 thereunder requires a 15 day minimum for owner notification and agenda copy. It does not address drafts vs finals. Article 4 delineates exactly what the agenda must consist of, which in SU’s opinion, the published SOA agenda’s are generally very lax on. SU believes this is a bigger problem than the draft vs final issue, which generally do not deviate much or relate to minor items. However, adding new agenda items and actions within the 15 day period (except for emergency items which are permitted) is indeed problematic and would appear to be in violation of the NRS Statute.

      Note: The NRS 116 Statues may be accessed through this website via the References tab and clicking on “NRS 116 Common Interest Ownership Uniform Act”. This will link to a government webpage where any NRS 116 provision can be selected and read.

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