Owner Comment on the SGCC

The following Post submitted by Patricia Brooks, Association Member:

“My disagreement with support for the SGCC has never been about golf or golfers..It’s just that the SGCC has never provided/shared financial information regarding their ability to fulfill the terms of the Purchase and Lease Agreement….as in being able to maintain and replace equipment on the course, which may fail. To the best of my knowledge, we entered into the Agreement, without taking any collateral from the SGCC, which seems not to be in the interest of homeowners in the SOA, other than golfers. So, without collateral, nothing has changed, bankruptcy at any point is an option for the SGCC… and I see no advantage to homeowners to renegotiate the terms of the P&L Agreement.. Unless the SGCC furnishes real proof that the CME Engineering report is erroneous, we need to call for payment, and, if not received, legally end the P&L Agreement. That is the fiduciary duty of our homeowners’ board. Their duty is to us… the homeowners, not the SGCC.. We have water rights, and the course can be kept green and manicured. No fear of the course “going brown”.. We need a board that has the courage to take our community forward.”

6 thoughts on “Owner Comment on the SGCC

  1. Your clear and insightful opinion is on point. We all tire of supporting a ‘private’ club for the benefit of just a few. Close it down. Move on. Stop throwing good money after bad.

    1. You are correct in your assessment of the SGCC. Our HOA Board has allowed Millions of Dollars to flow to this private entity which is not permitted under NRS regulations. Owners must speak out and voice their opinions to stop this improper use of our dues. Too much apathy in our community with too little action by Owners has allowed this to happen over time.

  2. I am in complete agreement with Patricia Brooks. Somersett Owners have no obligation to pay for the SGCC unless they are members. SGCC Members need to step up and pay their own way or give up the club.

  3. I totally agree with this assessment of the current situation. The BOD’ers need to get some Cajones and go after SGCC for the full amount owed. No negotiating. No settlement. I’ll be willing to bet that interest on the loan was never discussed.

    1. I agree with Patrica. It’s been a month since the tolling agreement expired. If SGCC cannot or will not pay their obligations its past time to terminate their lease. SOA has already made too may financial concessions to SGCC including the leaseback at a ridiculously low price. SOA does not need an executive committee to make further concessions to to SGCC.

  4. It has been said by members of the SGCC that they cannot assess their members/associate members , because they will leave the Golf Club, if that happens.. If the SGCC membership cannot be assessed for repairs to our golf course equipment, as in the terms of our P&L Agreement, the Board should declare the Agreement ended. Anything else is not in the interest of the homeowners that they represent. If a sweetheart deal is once again offered to the SGCC, for any reason, I suspect. that there will be an uproar, and consequences, for the Board.

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