SU Website Temporarily Off-Line

To our readers, please be advised that this website will not be available for posting or commenting from February 1 thru February 19th.  One may submit posts or comments during that time period, but they will be held for publishing until February 20th.


3 thoughts on “SU Website Temporarily Off-Line

  1. Maybe it’s just me and my questioning nature. I find it interesting that the web site goes down a couple of weeks prior to the upcoming election. There has been a large amount of negativity posted on this site relating to illegal campaigning at social gatherings at the Aspen Lodge, questions relating to the very strange voting process and the BOD’ers wanting to change the way the vote takes place, and the ever increasing effort to remove Grand Manors Management from it’s involvement with SC. What better way to eliminate the comments from those who find fault with the Current BOD’ers and Management than to shut the system down.

    It’s my opinion thaty the majority of SC residents would be better served if this temporary system shutdown was delayed until February 15th.

    1. Fear not Don, being temporarily off line has nothing to do with the SCA elections, which, not being a SCA member, I really have no vested interest in. The pause in publication , perhaps a better term than than temporary shutdown, has only to do with the unavailability of the editor and webmaster to maintain the site during this period.

      Jim Haar

  2. I’d bet the editor/webmaster has taken a long deserved vacation, i.e. no sinister motives. Enjoy life while one can. Somersett and SC commotions can drive one crazy. I am anxious for SU to be up and running. Where else does one get accurate and up-to-date news about what is happening on the business side our HOA! Certainly not from the HOA. It’s news specializes on the social side.

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