February 26th BOD Meeting Revised Agenda

Following is the Revised Agenda for the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting at The Club at Town Center (TCTC). Only change from the previously published agenda is the addition of two minor proposals related to Gate Repairs and Fire Fuel Management.

February 26th BOD Meeting Agenda – Revised

Information/comments on agenda items (as obtained from the Board Meeting Packet) follow:

Committee Reports:

4.a. Budget & Finance – Committee is considering the issuance of a homeowner communication on the outcome of the 2019 finance and budget goals.
4.b. Communications – Committee working on homeowner communication improvement via website refresh, cellphone texting options and homeowner surveys.
4.c. Strategic and Facilities – Committee working on 2020 proposed project list consistent with budgetary constraints and a revised TCTC alcohol policy.
4.d. West Park Community Garden – The Committee has developed a SOA owner interest list for the garden plots and will solicit applicants. Also, working on establishment of garden rules plus the fee to charge for the rental of a garden plot. Assessing availability and amount of funding from prior donations and continuance of fund raising activities.
4.d. General Manager – The GM report contained the following summary of key SOA projects completed in 2019. Click-on to access.

SOA 2019 Year End Summary

Old Business:

6.a. Legal Updates – Nothing new to report. Apparently the only litigation currently confronting the SOA is the Rockery Wall Lawsuit Appeal, which is on hold pending a mediation session scheduled for March 13, 2010.
6.b. Ventana Ridge Easement Access – No information contained in the BOD Meeting Packet. Possibly just a discussion topic related to the Developers rejection of the SOA offer to sell them the requested easement property for $300,000.

New Business:

7.a. Revised AGC and West Park Committee Charters – Minor changes, no observed changes to Charter purpose, responsibilities or organizational structure.
7.b. Appointment of AGC Committee Member(s) – No information contained in the BOD Meeting Packet as to any changes on Committee Membership.
7.c. SOA and SCA Architectural Memorandum of Understanding – A document that addresses “streamlining” the architectural review and approval process for Sierra Canyon owners. A copy of which may be accessed via the following link:

Memorandum of Understanding – SOA and SCA Architectural Review and Approval for SCA Owners

Comment – Note that the Memorandum has been signed by the SCA President  and Secretary, but not yet by the SOA. As SU is not aware of any Board actions to generate this document, the question is, was this document generated jointly between the SOA Board, the SCA Board and the AGC, or simply by the SCA for SOA approval? Whatever the case, perhaps it will settle the long outstanding issues between the SOA and the SCA over architectural reviews and approvals.

7.d. Contract Renewal with Dickson Realty – Continues with Dickson Realty as the exclusive Broker (Seller) for the SOA owned lot at 2225 Pepperwood Court, which has been on the Market a long time.

Comment – The SOA acquired this lot via foreclosure and appears to be an undesirable parcel on which to build.

7.e. Gate Repair Proposal – A proposal in the amount of $14,665 from Community Access Systems (CAS) for repair of the Back Nine Trail South privacy gate.
7.f. Fire Fuel Management Proposal – A proposal in the amount of $3,800 from High Sierra Forestry for some hazardous fuel remediation management services.

2 thoughts on “February 26th BOD Meeting Revised Agenda

    1. Patricia,

      Per the SOA Website, no Executive Meeting on the SOA/SGCC Rockery Wall repair cost negotiations has been scheduled. Same for the SOA/SGCC Water Facilities Committee meeting, which was last held in September 2019, at which time repairs to SOA responsible components were identified and subsequently implemented. No determination yet on any repairs to SGCC responsible components, including the Well 5 issue.

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