SCA BOD Election Results

Although somewhat belated, following are the vote results of the Sierra Canyon Association Board of Director elections:

James Nolte- 605
Elizabeth Pietsch- 595
Peter Orsburn- 522
Jack Lehner- 498
Andi Kaylor- 175
David Proehl- 146
Loren Farell- 139
James McKee- 112
Thomas Hedger- 110
Amy Berns- 83

Four seats were up for election, those held by Loren Farell, James Mckee and Thomas Hedger, plus the seat vacated by Steve Guderian that had not been filled. As a result of the election, The new SCA Board Members and their corresponding director positions are as follows:

Newly elected Board members:

Jim Nolte: President, 2-year term
Elizabeth Pietsch: Vice President, 2-year term
Peter Orsburn: Secretary, 2-year term
Jack Lehner: Director, 1-year term

Board member holdovers whose seats were not up for re-election:

Suzanne Flynn: Director, 1-year remaining
David DeLucia: Director, 1-year remaining
Joseph Lasby: Treasurer, 1-year remaining

Given that incumbants Loren Farell, James McKee and Thomas Hedger were not successful in their bid for re-election (not even close), it would appear there was significant disatisfaction within the SCA community regarding their performance on the Board. This was also evident given some of the negative dialog on the “Nextdoor” website prior to the election.

Perhaps with the new SCA Board, some of the disention that has been prevelant in the past year or so between the SOA and SCA Boards can be alleviated, with a new era of positive communication and cooperation.