February 26th SOA BOD Meeting Recap

Following is a recap of issues discussed and/or approved at the February 26th Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting. Related agenda items are refeenced. A copy of the BOD Meeting Agenda may be accessed via the following link:

February 26th BOD Meeting Agenda – Revised

Committee Reports:

4.a.  Budget & Finance – Committee recommended approval of the November/December Financials, which were subsequently approved by the Board.
4.b.  Communications – Committee working on the following items: 1) SOA website changes making it easier to navigate for information retrieval, 2) a series of surveys to obtain owner feedback on both general and specific concerns and/or recommendations for Board consideration, 3) Electronic communication imporovements (e.g., emails and cellphone texting). Also, implementation of electronic voting on SOA initiatives where permitted by NRS Statutes.
4.c.  Strategic and Facilities – A Committee recommendation to discontinue allowing professional groups to hold meetings at TCTC was recommended and subsequently approved by the Board. Basis being that TCTC facility and Somersett Magazine add costs were being born by the SOA. A rental option will be available for groups wishing to host meetings/events.
4.d.  West Park Community Garden – Committee reported that owner interest for garden plots was at 30 and growing. There is an expectation that applications will exceed the number of plots available and a lottery may be required. The committee is continuing with fund raising activies as all desired garden needs are not included within the Reno Parks plan. Turnover date of the Park to the SOA has not yet been established. However, progress is moving rapidly with turnover perhaps in the next month or two.
4.d.  General Manager (Tracy Carter) – Reported on the following: 1) The Rockery Wall monitoring and inspection program has not revealed any new problems, 2) met with a fire fuel consultant to discuss 2020 SOA remediation activities. Consultant subsequently submitted a proposal for management services (see Item 7.f. below), 3) Summarized some of the key projects (see SOA 2019 Year End Summary) completed in 2019, 4) advised that this would be his last Board meeting as the SOA GM and wanted to thank the Board and the Community for the opportunity of serving them.

Old Business:

6.a.  Legal Updates – With regatd to the Rockery Wall Lawsuit, the Court has denied the Parsons Brothers, Q&D Construction and Stantec Consulting Sevices (defendants) motions for attorney fees. No decision yet on the Somersett Develpoment Company motion for same. Advised that the mediation session on the SOA appeal is still scheduled for March 13.
6.b.  Ventana Ridge Easement Access – Based on the Ventana Ridge Developer’s non-interest in purchasing the requested easment through SOA property, the Board approved to terminate any further discussion on this issue.

New Business:

7.a.  Revised AGC and West Park Committee Charter – Both revisions, which only consisted of some minor changes, were approved by the Board.
7.b.  Appointment of AGC Committee Member(s) – Steven Hendricks was approved as an additional member on the AGC.
7.c.  SOA and SCA Architectural Memorandum of Understanding – Board approved acceptance of the Memorandum of Understanding without changes. Document was previously approved by the SCA Board. This document has been several months in the preperation process and is directed to allowing the SCA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) to approve owner submitted requests (as long as they comply with the AGC guidelines) without requiring subsequent approval by the SOA’s AGC and payment of fees . However, there are some categories that will still require approvals by both the ARC and the AGC. Access the following for all the details:

Memorandum of Understanding – SOA and SCA Architectural Review and Approval for SCA Owners

Note that this Memorandum of Understanding basically reverses a previous SOA Board action that required all SCA applications to be approved by the SOA’s AGC.

7.d.  Contract Renewal with Disckson Realty – Board approved continuing with Dickson Realty as the Broker (Seller) for the SOA owned lot at 2225 Pepperwood Court.
7.e.  Gate Repair Proposal – Board approved the CAS proposal in the amount of $14,665 for repair of the Back Nine Trail South privacy gate. Two proposals were received with CAS being the lower of the two. Damage resulted from an owner caused accident who is liable for the repair cost. Owner will submit a claim to his/her insurance company for reinbursement of costs, with any shortfall being the responsibility of the owner.
7.f.  Fire Fuel Management Proposal – Board approved a $3,800 proposal from High Sierra Forestry for services in support of RFP generation, evaluation and vendor oversight.

Board Member Comments

Terry Retter – Commented on the first meeting of the Controlling Documents Review Committee. Reported that 24 owners have volunteered to serve on the committee with 12 showing up at the first meeting. Priority will be reviewing the CC&R’s first and then addressing the other documents (i.e., PUD, Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation) for impact. Committee Meetings will be held at TCTC at 4:00 PM on the third Tuesday of each month. Also, Terry is considering restarting his “Terry Talks” meetings. Please email Terry at yogowan61@gmail.com to express interest in continuing these sessions.

Craig Hanson – Encouraged all owners to get their email and texting info into the SOA system. This to maximum participation in owner surveys and other SOA initiatives. The more owner data collected, the better positioned the Board is for decision making.

Tom Fitzgerald – Addressed Tracy Carter’s departure as the SOA General Manager, who will be moving on to a new endeavor outside of the HOA realm, and introduced Ray Sohl as his replacement. Tom gave the appropriate and well deserved kudos on Tracy’s performance as GM and his leadership in managing an excellent staff of FirstService Residential employees. Thank you Tracy, your service to the community will be missed.

Homeowner Comments

A question to the Garden Committee on how the garden will be configured and managed (i.e., plot quantity & size, usage fees, security fencing, handicap considerations, additional funding requirements, etc.). The Board instructed the Garden Committee Chairman to address these questions and include in the next BOD Meeting Garden Committee Report.

A thanks to Tracy or his service, a suggestion that the Board support Terry on continuation of his “Terry Talks”, and that we need to do all we can to overcome the perceived apathy prevalent within the community.