SOA Communications

At the last BOD Meeting, the SOA Communication Committee announced their intent to conduct a series of surveys to obtain owner feedback on a number of topics. This via email communications. In addition, they are also considering the use of texting as an additional means of owner contact. In this context, Board Member Hanson encouraged all owners to update their profile to ensure that their email address and cell phone numbers were up to date and on file.

The SOA’s Communication Coordinator, Robin Bolson, has advised that owners will be so notified in an upcoming Somersett Happenings Email blast. This information may also be obtained by visiting the SOA Website at and accessing the “Somersett Surveys are on the way” News Article.

Alternatively, owners may update their “Homeowner Information Sheet” (available at TCTC concierge desk), by entering your Cellular Phone No., filling out the SOA EMAIL AUTHORIZATION Section and returning it. For convenience, a copy of the HOMEOWNER INFORMATION SHEET may be obtained via the following link:


For questions or additional information, one may contact the following:

Robin Bolson
Communications Coordinator, 775-787-4500 x324

Note : Apologies to Board member Hanson for the mis-identification in original post

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