Waive, Reduce, Refund Assessments?

In his comment, Mr. Bower addressed the issue of assessment refunds due to closure of Association Facilities. That is, Facilities (e.g., The Club at Town Center and Aspen Lodge) owned by the Associations, supported by owner assessments, for which assessment paying owners have no current access to. This is a valid issue, especially if these closures are to be extended for a lengthy period of time.

In our previous post, SU referenced newsletters published by Adams/Sterling, a California Community Association Law Firm, pertaining to COVID-19 impact on HOA’s. A recent Adams/Sterling publication, in which they address the Coronavirus/Assessment issue, is very informative and is accessible via the following link:

Waive Coronavirus Assessments ?

This raises the following questions: What costs, if any, are the Associations (e.g, SOA and SCA) saving as a result of these closures or elimination of vendor services? For example, are Management Company employees dedicated to the operation of these Facilities, which are no longer operational, in the “Stay at Home” category and not being paid like so many other workers? As may be many Somersett residents? If not, should they be? Are BrightView or other maintenance personnel no longer performing their contracted for services? If not, should we be paying them?

Perhaps some communications from the SOA and the SCA on this subject are in order?