SOA Management Update

For those of our readers who may not be on the Somersett Owners Association’s email distribution list, following is a reprint of their April 24th email providing an update on what the SOA has been up to during this “Stay at Home” directive by the State of Nevada.:

Somersett Owners Association Update – April 24th

For the SOA’s previous update published on March 31st, readers are directed to SU’s previous post of April 3rd entitled:   SOA Coronavirus COVID-19 Update.

It is encouraging to see that the SOA Board and Management Company are exercising their due diligence during these troubled times! Hopefully our Governor will see fit to relax some of these unnecessary restrictions on our civil liberties (SU’s opinion of course) in the not to distant future!

SOA Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

On March 31st via their Somersett Happenings Email distribution, the SOA provided an update on Association happenings related to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Updates were provided on late fee assessments, AGC Approvals, and Tennis Courts, Canyon Nine, TCTC and Pool operations.

The AGC is still holding their bi-monthly review sessions. Meetings are not in-person, but review packages are provided a few days ahead of time in preparation for on-line sessions. FirstService Residential has been very supportive in providing the on-line resources.

Of particular notice was the announcement that a Special Board Meeting is scheduled for 2:00 PM Friday, April 17 to discuss the impact of COVD-19 on the Somersett Community. Meeting will be conducted virtually. Details are still being worked out.

For those of our readers who are not on the Somersett Happenings Email list (all are encouraged to do so) a copy may be accessed via the following link:

March 31 Somersett Happenings Email

SU has also learned that Tracy Carter still remains as the SOA FirstService Residential General Manager. At the February Board Meeting it was announced that Tracy would be moving on to a new business endeavor outside of the HOA realm, and introduced Ray Sohl as his replacement. Apparently Mr. Sohl’s tenure was very short lived and Tracy has agreed to a three month extension. This is not necessarily bad news as SU feels that Tracy has been an exemplary General Manager and well equiped to lead the Association through these trying times of changing Local and State guidelines.