SOA Management Update

For those of our readers who may not be on the Somersett Owners Association’s email distribution list, following is a reprint of their April 24th email providing an update on what the SOA has been up to during this “Stay at Home” directive by the State of Nevada.:

Somersett Owners Association Update – April 24th

For the SOA’s previous update published on March 31st, readers are directed to SU’s previous post of April 3rd entitled:   SOA Coronavirus COVID-19 Update.

It is encouraging to see that the SOA Board and Management Company are exercising their due diligence during these troubled times! Hopefully our Governor will see fit to relax some of these unnecessary restrictions on our civil liberties (SU’s opinion of course) in the not to distant future!

10 thoughts on “SOA Management Update

  1. Thank you for the update. I have comments on 2 issues:
    1. If the SOABoard is conducting meetings by phone, like Sierra Canyon, then I have not been notified. I like this type of communication during the shelter in place and would like to hear from the SOA as well. If they have not, are they planning to do so?
    2. I sent an email to Mr. Carter, SOA General Manager, requesting a progress report on the meetings between the SOA Board members and the Golf course people.As you remember, the contract expired on December 31st and they owe at least $800,000. The GM said they were exploring options with their legal counsel. I encourage the SOA Board to expedite this process and bring this financial disaster to conclusion. I suggest looking to turn this over to a golf management company that can do a better job, and will end the owners subsidy.

    1. I agree with you entirely! It is time this huge $800,000 debt owed by the country club to the SOA is long over due to be paid back. All Homeowners should not have to incur this debt clearly the responsibility of the Country Club Members. If the Country Club Members cannot afford to support their Club then and pay their bills, then SOA needs to enforce the contract laws and take over the Club.

  2. Sorry, but I absolutely disagree. It is entirely too soon, with reported cases and deaths still on an upward trajectory in Washoe County, to consider ANY restoration of ‘civil liberties’. Stay home. Stay safe – for yourself and your neighbors/family.

  3. Hello,

    I am not sure if my previous comment did post correctly.

    On the physical distancing, I tend to believe that the current restrictions are not strict enough and as a result the virus keeps spreading in the county. If we look at the county numbers, they keep rising : We have not even reached a plateau. A decline is probably weeks away.

    As for a suspension of our civil rights: Being able to visit a private gym, pool, restaurant or tennis court are not protected civil rights like the right to free speech which has not been suspended or limited.

    Isolation is the best option we have to currently contain the virus since we don’t have enough tests for the community.

    As a community, I don’t understand we close the gates to residents only – for those of us who live behind gates. I see everyday multiple out of state car tags going through the gates. If I undestand correctly, the gated streets are private property and we should be a lot more vigilant in limiting visitors’ access for the time being.

    On a more general note :Infectious disease 101 is: #1 Test, #2 Isolate the sick and #3 treat the sick to the best of your ability.

    Without widespread testing, we won’t be able to make any progress. Without tests, we are forced to isolate both the sick and the healthy. I understand it’s not sustainable long term but it’s the best we have right now.

    If we refuse to isolate, I don’t think it’s fair to ask doctors, nurses and care givers to treat everyone walking through an Emergency Room door – even more so when we know that protective gear like masks are in very limited supply.

    So as citizens, we must insist on getting tests as soon as possible.

    My 2 cents.

    1. Hi Bronco

      I agree with your 2 cents – especially on the need to test. The world we step out in tomorrow will require masks, gloves and keeping your distance. I am practicing bowing!

      Following the WC #s for SARS-COV2 infections, it maybe that we are plateauing, it maybe not, another two weeks will be telling. The statistics show that our infection rate per 100K is similar to SF (which is declining, slightly)….So it is time to consider how businesses can re-open safely, they should be clean and sanitary, so that folks (wearing masks) can come inside. How this is best done, should be left to the business to decide. Everyone working in retail, should be masked and gloved (something not done initially at Raley’s). Shame on Raley’s management putting their workers at risk!

      On re-opening the Somersett Canyon 9 and CGC; a friend of mine, living in Florida (Jacksonville) tells me that his club has very strict guidelines in place – individual carts – only one person teeing off at a time on the tee; and putting through (alone) when you get to the green. Cleaning the flag, the hole when you remove your ball, using the sanitizer on the cart… He tells me it slows down the game! Picnic tables outside for the post-game beer. He thought it a great pity that California golfers were videoed breaking the social distancing rules (his club’s anyway) causing the Governor to shut down golf. Dare I say stupid!

      The SOA management update notes are good, but not frequent enough. Infection rates in WC are available by zip code, so this could be a part of the management summary.

    2. Your 2 cents are worthless to me. We don’t do any of what you propose for annual flu or other deaths and as a result do not destroy small business and put the country into a depression. Study constitutional law. Government actions must be carefully tailored and are subject to STRICT SCRUTINY if they impinge on constitutionally protected rights. The opinions of “experts” and “models” are subject to strict scrutiny. It will likely turn out that we destroyed what many people have spent a lifetime building based upon media induced panic and bad numbers, both numerator (number of fatalities actually cause by COVID) and denominator (number exposed with no impact). I am prevented from walking the nine hole Canyon Course by myself like I always do by Sisokak’s unconstitutional Order. I will not comply. I am one of the 20% that would have stood against the CROWN in 1776. You, I assume, would have been a supporter of King George because that would have been the safe thing to do.

      1. Hi Dennis

        We have vaccines for flu, and still in a bad year it can kill 80K.

        If we had a vaccine, or even a decent testing regimen for SARS-COV2 for all; then perhaps we can treat it like flu…

        I didn’t know that the constitution could prevent you from getting sick and dying.

        BTW I am a very proud American citizen, who likes to celebrate July 4, as I live in the best country on the planet to work and thrive! When I lived in the UK, I was an English Republican, who did not believe in hereditary rights, breeding folks to rule and tell me what to do. As a scientist, I prefer to take advice/knowledge from scientific nerds, Drs, epidemiologists… because it will probably make sense; and one has a responsibility to others living in our great civil society. The fewer folks who are sick, the better…

        Everyone should respect science, knowledge, truth as this is the best way to a better future for all

        1. All of these numbers are unverified. Games are being played with the numerator of the fatality calculation (over-counting for Federal $$$ according to coroners) and no one knows the denominator (how many people have been exposed and survived). Until the real fatality rate is calculated, comparing the death toll to Vietnam is just a panic-inducing headline. We don’t shut down the highways because people die in car crashes. You don’t shut down the entire economy when the “science” proves that only the elderly and those with pre-conditions need the protection and quarantine. We shall see how attitudes change when the real numbers are known and after Sisolak gets his state income tax and property taxes increase 32 percent (check Nashville news) to cover lost tax revenue during the depression. Restrictions on constitutionally protected rights have to be narrowly tailored. For examples on how not to restrict, see Gretchen Witmer. BTW, the expert Fauci’s main job early in his government career was to find a vaccine for HIV. He didn’t and one still doesn’t exist and he didn’t even come up with the drug cocktail to treat it.

    3. We are fast approaching the time when continuation of this “lockdown lunacy” will change our country (not for the good) forever. Let’s move on with our lives. For the Bronco’s of the world who believe more isolation is required, you can always choose to do so on your own, a well as wearing masks, gloves and practicing social distancing when it is necessary to venture out. Personally, as a senior citizen, I am willing to take whatever risk is associated with a return to normalcy, and yes, I to believe that our civil liberties are being violated.

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