SOA Document Review Committee Summary of Recommendations

In Janurary 2020, the SOA Board of Directors approved the establishment of a “Governing Documents Review Committee” to review the SOA’s CC&R’s (i.e., the Declaration), Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and provide recommended changes to the Board. Iinitially there were approximately twenty-four homeowners who showed an interest in serving on the Committee along with Board members Hanson and Retter. However, The subsequent shutdown of TCTC impacted meetings and the Committee boiled down to fourteen owners who continued to review the documents and discuss changes via video conferencing.

The Committee has completed its initial review of the CC&R’s, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and submitted its recommendations to the Board. The Committee submittal to the Board consisted of edited copies of the curent versions clearly indicating the recommended additions and/or deletions thereto. A letter summarizing the Committee’s recommendations was also submitted to the Board. For reader information, this letter may be accessed via the following link:

Document Review Committee Summary of Recommendations

What remains is: 1) Board apprvoals, 2) SOA Attorney review for compliance with Nevada Law, 3) negotiation with the “Declarant” (i.e., Blake Smith of the Somersett Devlopment Company) on changes that require his approval, and 4) submittal to Association members for ratiication, that is, a majority vote (i.e., > 50%) of all members in good standing.

Note that the Committee’s Charter did not include review of the “Somersett Aesthetic Guidelines”. However, it is SU’s understanding that this document is also under review by the Board.