August 26th BOD Meeting

Following is the Agenda for the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting at The Club at Town Center (TCTC) to be held at 5:30 PM on August 26th.

August 261th BOD Meeting Agenda

Given that TCTC is still operating under some COVID-19 restrictions, Owner participation will likely be via  “Zoom” videoconferencing.  When access information is announced by the SOA (usually via email distribution) SU will also post on this website.

The Board Packet providing background information on Agenda items is available on the SOA Website ( under the SOA Committees and Meetings link.  Comments on agenda items follow (agenda items noted):

4.  Committee Reports

4.b.  Communications  –  Board Elections are coming up in October and the Communications Committee is proposing holding a ”Meet the Candidates Night” on Wednesday October 21st. Most likely via Zoom video conferencing.

6.  Unfinished Business

6.a  Legal Updates  –  On August 13th, the SOA filed its opening brief on the Somersett Development Company Rockery Wall Lawsuit appeal with the Supreme Court. The defendants will have 30 days to file an answering brief, followed by another 30 days for the SOA to reply, after which the matter will be reviewed by the Supreme Court. For the SGCC lawsuit, on August 14th, the SOA filed a response to the SGCC’s objection to the SOA’s request for dismissal of the SGCC counterclaim. SU will address both these developments in a subsequent post.

6.b. Revised AGC Guidelines  –  A copy of the proposed revisions may be accessed via the following link:

Proposed AGC Guideline Changes

6.c.  Revised CC&R’s and Bylaws –  No related information on this agenda item was contained in the Board Meeting Packet. Most likely just a discussion on the Governing Document changes recommended by the Governing Documents Review Committee. A summary of the proposed changes may be accessed via the following link:

Document Review Committee Summary of Recommendations

7.  New Business

7.a.  Turn Over of West Park  –  The City of Reno has turned over maintenance of the West Park, even though all is not complete, to the SOA.  No details in the Board packet, probably just a discussion item or acknowledgement of the SOA’s maintenance responsibilities.

7.b.  Unanimous Written Consent #78 – Acknowledgement of prior approval of a  Kids Program Liability, Release and Indemnification Form for required signing by all parents or guardians. Primarily with regard to the contacting of COVID-19.

7.c.  Rockery Wall Monitoring Renewal Contracts  –  Renewal of the Kane Geotech contract in the amount of $5,500 for equipment rental & inspection and data monitoring services (quarterly reports) for stability monitoring of the Crescent Point Rockery Wall and SBE Hillside. Also, renewal of the CFA contract in the amount of $29,700 for monitoring wall movement at ten SOA Rockery Wall locations. To date there has been no movements detected on these walls.

7.d.  Design and Construction Management  –  A proposal from Padovan Consulting in the amount of $8,400 for preparation of an RFP and Construction Management Services related to repair of a common area hillside behind 1880 Dove Mountain Ct.

7.e.  Irrigation System Replacements  –  Two proposals from Brightview Landscape; one in the amount of $50,000 for replacement of 13,000 feet of ¾ inch driplines, and another in the amount of $154,488 for replacement of 24 irrigation system controllers along the Parkway.

7.f.  Holiday Lighting Proposals  –  Three proposals from Lawn Express to install and remove holiday lighting at the following locations:  $11,900 for the  Entrance Cottage and six roundabouts, $2,500 for The Club at Town Center, and $1,200 for the Verdi Entrance Monument.

7.g.  Revised Rules and Regulations  –  A change to the display of political signs. Signs may be displayed starting 90 days prior to an election date (was 60 days), and must be removed within five days after the election date (was 10 days).

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