September 23rd SOA Board Meeting

Following is the Agenda for the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting at The Club at Town Center (TCTC) to be held at 5:30 PM on September 23rd.

September 23rd BOD Meeting Agenda

Given that TCTC is still operating under some COVID-19 restrictions, Owner participation will likely be via  “Zoom” videoconferencing.  When access information is announced by the SOA (usually via email distribution) SU will also post on this website.

The Board Packet providing background information on Agenda items is available on the SOA Website ( under the SOA Committees and Meetings link.  Comments on agenda items follow (agenda items noted):

2.  Homeowner Comments

If you wish to comment on any of the  agenda items, suggest you send an email to the SOA Assistant Community Manager Bernadette Rodas at and it will be read into the record by a Board member.

3.  August 26th BOD Meeting Minutes

A summary of what was discussed and/or approved at the August BOD Meeting may be accessed via the following link (some of the Homeowner comments make interesting reading):

August 26th BOD Meeting Minutes

4.  Committee Reports

4.b.  Communications  –  Completed review and analysis of the July owner survey. Prepared a Board briefing with results, recommendations and proposed owner communications, which included the establishment of an “Information Coordination Committee” to accomplish.

4.c.  Strategic Planning & Facilities Committee  –  Working on development of the 2021 Project List to be posted on the SOA website for community feedback and additional suggestions.  Other activities include obtaining proposals for converting TCTC gym stage into a fitness studio (estimated at $60K) and for additional storage space at TCTC.

4.f  General Manager  –  The Fire Fuel Reduction proposals expected for September Board meeting approval have been delayed until October due to the busy fire season. Abatement work still planned to commence by the end of October.  Announced the FSR hiring of a full time Concierge and are interviewing candidates for the open Club Manager position.

5.  Financials

No financial statements were included in this months BOD Meting Packet.

6.  Unfinished Business

6.a  Legal Updates  –  No new developments on the Somersett Development Company Rockery Wall and SGCC Lease Agreement lawsuits, except that for the SGCC lawsuit, the parties have until September 21st to set a trial date.

6.b. Revised AGC Guidelines  –  Approval of proposed changes to the Somersett Aesthetic Guidelines was deferred from the August Board Meeting because of questions/concerns raised by two of the Directors. which were to be resolved in a subsequent “workshop”. Apparently now back for approval/disapproval by the Board.

Note:  For those interested, a full copy of the revised Guidelines is contained in the September 23th BOD Meeting Packet.

6.c.  Revised CC&R’s and Bylaws  –  No backup material in the Board Meeting Packet on this item. Do not expect any action regarding proposed changes to evolve. Perhaps just a decision to either move forward with the proposed changes or to place on hold for the time being.

7.  New Business

7.a.  Unanimous Written Consent #79 – Acknowledgement of prior approval (done outside of a Board meeting) to amend the BrightView Landscape Contract to include the Somersett West Park for an additional $2,000 per month, bringing the BrightView monthly billing amount to $82,048.

7.b.  Unanimous Written Consent #79 – Acknowledgement of prior approval of an Overhead Fire Protection proposal, in the amount of $5,860, to perform fire hydrant testing and repair services.

7.c.  Tennis Court Resurface Proposals  –  Two proposals for repair and resurfacing of the Tennis Courts were received: 1) Beynon Sports Surfacing in the amount of $20,606 plus $13,828 in options, and 2) Zaino Tennis Courts Inc. in the amount of $23,180 plus $3372 in options.  Some amount of work will be required to compare the two proposals on an “apples to apples” basis.

7.d.  Snow Removal Proposal  –  Renewal of the BrightView snow removal agreements based on hourly rates for labor and equipment usage.

7.e.  Insurance  Proposal  –  Renewal of the SOA LaBarrew/Oksnee Insurance policy. No details contained in the Board Meeting Packet.

7.f.  Wellbeats Subscription Renewal  –  Renewal of the Wellbeats virtual fitness class subscription (kiosk only) at $249/month. A streaming access option, at $399/month, was also proposed that could accommodate up to 400 users.

7.g.  2225 Pepperwood Contract  –  Renewal of the Dickson Reality Exclusive Right to Sell contract for the SOA owned property (lot) at 2225 Pepperwood Court for an additional 8 months. Selling price being established at $69,900.

7.h.  Open Access Requirements of PUD  –  A complaint placed on the agenda by a homeowner who contends that the SOA/SCA is in violation of the PUD as a result of the SCA blocking access to a Somersett trail at Firefly Court and Larkhaven.

7.i.  Open Access Requirements of PUD  –  A complaint placed on the agenda by a homeowner who contends that the SOA is in violation of the PUD by limiting access to trails through the Canyon9 golf course property.

8.0  Board Member Comments

With the exception of Board members Retter and Fitzgerald, not usually taken advantage of, or very informative.

9.0  Homeowner Comments

One’s chance to comment pro or con, good or bad, on any other community issue not on the agenda. Same comment as in item 2 above as regards sending an email to be read into the record.

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