2020 SOA BOD Candidates

It appears that we have five candidates for the three open Somersett Owners Association Board of Director positions currently held by Tom Fitzgerald, Terry Retter and Joe Strout. Of the three  incumbents, Fitzgerald and Retter will be running for re-election whereas Strout has chosen not to run again.

In addition to incumbents Fitzgerald and Retter, the following Association members, along with their candidate statements, have thrown their hat into the ring.

Mark Capalongan  

Mark Capalongan BOD Candidate Statement



Bill O’Donnell

Bill ODonnell BOD Candidate Statement



Jacob Williams

Jacob Williams BOD Candidate Staementent



Each Association member will be receiving the submitted BOD candidate statements in the ballot mailing package. However, these candidate statements are limited to one page and therefore, this forum is open to any candidate who may wish to expand on their qualifications and purpose for seeking a Board position. 

As additional information becomes available on each of the candidates, SU will so publish on this website.

Also, as always. reader comments on any of the above candidates are solicited and welcome.