2020 SOA BOD Candidates

It appears that we have five candidates for the three open Somersett Owners Association Board of Director positions currently held by Tom Fitzgerald, Terry Retter and Joe Strout. Of the three  incumbents, Fitzgerald and Retter will be running for re-election whereas Strout has chosen not to run again.

In addition to incumbents Fitzgerald and Retter, the following Association members, along with their candidate statements, have thrown their hat into the ring.

Mark Capalongan  

Mark Capalongan BOD Candidate Statement



Bill O’Donnell

Bill ODonnell BOD Candidate Statement



Jacob Williams

Jacob Williams BOD Candidate Staementent



Each Association member will be receiving the submitted BOD candidate statements in the ballot mailing package. However, these candidate statements are limited to one page and therefore, this forum is open to any candidate who may wish to expand on their qualifications and purpose for seeking a Board position. 

As additional information becomes available on each of the candidates, SU will so publish on this website.

Also, as always. reader comments on any of the above candidates are solicited and welcome.

9 thoughts on “2020 SOA BOD Candidates

  1. No women have volunteered.. Sure miss Glenda Powell! Board should have women represented, by women.

        1. Reply to Somersett Owner

          If you have been a follower of SU, you will know that we frequently post Board candidate Information on this website for our readers. Also, that this forum is open to any candidate who may wish to expand on their qualifications or purpose for seeking a Board position, which has been done in the past. This has nothing to do with whether or not they endorse this website or all that we post, but rather just another means of communication to Homeowners, which in the past has somewhat lacking by the SOA.

          Sounds like you have an hidden agenda here! However, you can infer whatever you want.

  2. I read through the three new candidate statements, all seem well qualified to help guide our community in the 21st century. Mssrs Fitzgerald and Retter have both been working hard on our behalf. Noticing that the three new candidates all reflect concern – as do many Somersett residents – about the many legal issues costing all residents $$$. I have lived here since 2006, when we purchased a house on the golf course (which is still not worth what we paid for it!) and have “marveled” at the litigation over the years by residents, the developer, the community elected SOA Board, etc. Maybe HOA’s were developed in NV to be sinecures for our prosperous legal community!

    As a former owner of a Chemical Specialty Business, a part of managing risk, was to avoid litigation!

    A few facts, for the candidates and Somersett residents. There have been two studies at Arrowcreek, 2016 and 2020, done by UNR that show that property on an active golf course is worth less than similar property not so endowed. Checking property values on recent resales, it seems that houses on the old closed Northgate golf course are now worth more than when originally purchased back in 2004. Looking at Resales on the closed D’Andrea Course, these houses are now worth more more than when built and sold in 2004 on a then active golf course. Resales (mainly Toll Bros, Ryder) of houses built from 2004 to 2006 on Golf Course fairways are still struggling to get up to their original purchase price.

    The fact is, that the Private Golf Course has been an immense financial burden on all residents; over 10% of our monthly dues go to pay for debt incurred to keep the Somersett Club going. They have refused to pay us back for repairing a wall on their golf course (we only own the land under it). The greens, sand traps, fairways, pathways and hazards are all part of what makes the Championship golf course fun to play.

    I look forward to candidates night.

  3. It sounds like the new guys Jacob Mark and Bill have a good grasp of the issues and a fresh approach to finding solutions. The recent survey that we all received indicated that only 23% of Somersett homeowners are satisfied with the board! Sounds like time for a change!

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