SOA Ballot Submittals and Annual Owners Meeting

SOA Board of Director Elections  –  By now, all owners should have received their Ballots for electing three of the five candidates to fill the three open  SOA Board of Director positions.  Included in the Ballot mailing package are statements from each of the candidates. SU encourages reading them carefully, and accessing other sources of information, before making up your mind.

To insure the proper submittal of Ballots, the following instructions are offered::

  1. After filling out the “Official Secret Ballot”, following the instructions printed thereon, place it in the yellow envelope marked “BALLOT” and seal it.
  2. Place the yellow BALLOT envelope inside the white “Somersett Owners Association” envelope and fill out the return address portion. Note that it is not required to fill out the “SOME Account #” line as long as the “Name”, “Address” and “Signature” lines are provided.
  3. Stamp the return envelope and mail it, or alternately, a Ballot Box is available at TCTC for drop off. Please note that no drop off Ballot Box will be available at the Aspen Lodge as in past years.
  4. All Ballots must be received no later than 1:00 PM on November 16th at TCTC. If mailing, be sure to allow a contingency for US Mail delivery times.
  5. After receipt, the yellow BALLOT envelope will extracted from the mailing envelope, which at the November 16th Annual Owners Meeting, will then be opened and the enclosed Ballot counted

Annual Owners Meeting  –  The Annual Owners Meeting Agenda and the follow-up Organizational Meeting Agenda, also included within the Ballot mailing package, are available for viewing via the following links. Note that the primary purpose of the Annual Meeting is to tally the votes for the Director positions and to ratify the 2021 SOA Budget. Budget ratification is essentially automatic because at the Annual Meeting it would take the vote of 75% of owners to reject it. The purpose of the Organizational Meeting is for the new Board to select their officer positions. That is, who will fill the President, Treasurer, Secretary and the two VP positions.

Annual Owners Meeting Agenda                   Organizational Meeting Agenda

Note that in past years there was not a formal “Organizational” meeting open to Homeowners when the new Board convened to decide who would be filling the President, Treasurer, Secretary and VP positions. Not sure what an open Organizational Meeting accomplishes as Homeowners have no say in who fills what position. SU believes that “listening in” on this session by Homeowners would be counter productive. Perhaps  someone has determined that, under Nevada Law, when the Board gets together for this purpose it constitutes an Executive Board Meeting which must be open to Homeowners.

One thought on “SOA Ballot Submittals and Annual Owners Meeting

  1. Don’t need a “separate/formal” organizational meeting. In my prior HOA – after the votes were counted and winners announced, the Annual Meeting was adjourned. Then the board members gathered together and (1) decided among themselves who would hold which office; and (2) signed bank signature cards that the community manager had brought. All said and done in less than 15 minutes. The community manager then announced the officers to any owners still present.

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