Have You Voted Yet?

If you have not yet submitted your ballot for the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Director elections, you have only five days remaining to do so. All ballots must be received no later than 1:00 PM on Monday November 16th at The Club at Town Center (TCTC).  Rather than relying on US mail delivery at this time, a ballot box is located at TCTC for drop off. Be sure to follow the instructions for use of the provided yellow “Ballot” and white “Somersett Owners Association” envelopes.

Ballots will be counted and results announced at the November 16th Annual Owners Meeting at TCTC starting at 4:00 PM, which will have only two agenda items: 1) Ballot counting and election results and 2) Ratification of the 2021 Budget, which is basically automatic given it would take a vote of 75% of owners present or with proxies to reject it.

At last notice the Association was still looking for volunteers to count ballots. If interested, please contact the Association office ASAP.

The 2021 Board will consist of at least one and perhaps three new members, given that there are three open positions with two incumbents (Fitzgerald and Retter) and three new owners (Capalongan, O’Donnell and Williams) vying for the three positions.. SU sees two major challenges facing the new Board in 2021: 1) effective management of Contracting and Professional Consulting Services, and 2) litigation carryover on the Rockery Wall, Country Club and Preston Home lawsuits.

2 thoughts on “Have You Voted Yet?

  1. three times oh, that was last week 😉

    – – – – – – – – – –

    It was the media’s job to dig under the superficial and reveal the true Joe Biden (and Kamala Harris, who could likely become president sooner than later). They failed, becoming an extension of the Democratic Party and anti-Trumpers. If Biden’s policies fail don’t expect Democrats to admit it; they will blame Republicans.

    1. Mr. Keever – Inappropriate political comment for a homeowners site!

      Litigation – especially losing litigation, is expensive. We all pay for that!

      This is our community – we should all vote – voting brings about change and assigns responsibility – We should be pleased that Messrs Retter and Fitzgerald are happy with their records, wanting to continue!

      Pushing water uphill is difficult (especially if the pumps are not maintained by the lessee) … Maybe a fresh approach as advocated by O’Donnell, Kapalongan and Williams to litigation (if that is possible) and community maintenance will yield dividends.

      In these uncertain “pandemic” times, we all have to move forward, not backwards.(or left or right)…We need to be united as a community, not divided into “cliques”! Together we prosper.

      Mask up, socially distance and stay healthy! Please vote, please be engaged…

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