SOA BOD Election Results

The Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Director (BOD) election ballots were counted by Association volunteers at the Annual SOA Homeowner Meeting on Monday November 16th. Association member attendance was restricted to log-in via Zoom video conferencing due to COVID-19 requirements. Election results were subsequently announced via “Somersett Happenings” email distributions to Association members, which are summarized below for those of you who may not have received them.

Five candidates were running for the three open two year BOD positions, Two incumbents (Fitzgerald and Retter) and three new candidates (Capalongan, O’Donnell and Williams). Results were as follows with vote totals indicated:

    1. Mark Capalongan (892)
    2. William O’Donnell (839)
    3. Jacob Williams (800)
    4. Terry Retter (395)
    5. Tom Fitzgerald (336)

Congratulations to new Board Members Mark Capalongan, William O’Donnell and Jacob Willians, who subsequent to the election met with incumbent Board members Simon Baker and Craig Hanson and selected the following as Board Officers:

    • President  –  Mark Capalongan
    • Secretary  –  Willian O’Donnell
    • Treasurer  –  Simon Baker
    • Vice Presidents  –  Craig Hanson and Jacob Williams

Again, voter turnout was less than desired with only about a third of eligible Association members voting (i.e., 1047 total). Also, the second year in a row wherein incumbents did not prevail. Perhaps indicating that Association members are not happy with the current state of affairs. Whatever the case, we all need to thank Mr. Fitzgerald and Mr. Retter for the efforts they have put in to serve the community.