BrightView Extra Work Proposals

In early 2019, BrightView was awarded an eighteen-month Somersett Common Area Landscape Maintenance Contract (effective March 1, 2019 thru September 1, 2020) in the amount of $1,440,868. This over Signature Landscapes at $1,376,874 and Reno Green at $1,295,903. Although the high bidder, the Board felt going with BrightView had additional benefits (as recommended by staff) and were unhappy with Reno Green’s prior performance. Note that this did not include the Canyon9 and Town Square Properties whose maintenance was still under contract with others.

So what has transpired since then that prompted this Post? Since March 1, 2019 BrightView has been awarded the following added scope work (not including some smaller work scope items implemented without Board approval).

  1. Gypsy Hill Rockery Wall repair landscaping at $13,651 (May 2019)
  2. One hundred tree replacements at $20,468 (June 2019)
  3. Sprinkler head retrofits at $49,730 (August 2019)
  4. One hundred tree replacements at $24,318 (October 2019)
  5. The Boulders landscape improvements at $16,641 (October 2019)
  6. Irrigation controller replacement at $5,715 (May 2020)
  7. Somersett entrance landscaping at $17,971 (May 2020)
  8. Lawn edge installations at $13,166 (May 2020)
  9. One hundred tree replacements at $24,784 (May 2020)
  10. Drip line replacements at $50,000 (August 2020)
  11. Irrigation controller replacements (i.e., with “smart” controllers) at $154, 488 (August 2020)
  12. 100 tree replacements (agenda item 7.b on the December 17th BOD Meeting) at $25,326.
  13. Verdi roundabout plant replacement (agenda item 7.e on the December 17th BOD Meeting) at $20,157

In addition to the preceding, in December 2019, BrightView was awarded one-year contracts for the Canyon9 and Town Square landscape maintenance in the amount of $34,780, this over Signature Landscapes at $33,156. Not a significant difference and having one company to deal with makes sense. Also, in July 2020, BrightView’s original contract was renewed for one year, extending it from September 1, 2020 thru September 1, 2021. Presumably at the same rate, which would equate to $960,578, this without a competitive bid.

The extra work scope described in items 1 through 13 above totals $436,415. Not an insignificant amount and certainly enough to raise the following concerns:

  • Was all this extra work necessary, especially 400 tree replacements in an 18 month period and the west entrance landscape improvements?
  • Was a cost benefit analysis done on the $154K controller replacement?
  • Who is recommending these projects? FirstService Residential as our Association Manager, or BrightView seeking extra work?  Is proper oversight of our Association Manager and/or our Landscape Contractor being practiced?
  • Is BrightView doing such a good job as to warrant renewing their contract without competitive bidding?

Given the significant budget associated with BrightView’s responsibilities, perhaps the new Board will, as suggested by a homeowner, assign a member to directly oversee their activities.

4 thoughts on “BrightView Extra Work Proposals

  1. Sounds excessive and lacking of oversight. Any conflicts of interest between the old board that approved these contracts and BV ownership? If there is a recovery suit against that member/BOD might result in a settlement from the E&O coverage.

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