Governing Documents Ballot

To all our readers on auto receipt, please ignore our previous transmittal as it was prematurely sent out in error (pushed the wrong button!).

On December 20th the following email was sent out to Association members on the SOA’s email distribution list. It is being republished here for those of you who may not be on this list.

“Dear Somersett friends and neighbors,

As you know the governing documents were updated in committee over the last year which was an exhaustive effort.

Two of these documents are ready for homeowner approval.  We need your vote and time is running out

!Homeowners who elected to receive official SOA notifications electronically were sent a ballot via email on November 25th coming from Bernadette Rodas. Those who did not opt for electronic communications were sent a ballot via U.S. Mail. Did you get yours?

If you can’t locate your ballot, no worries. For your convenience, I’ve included below the redline changes to these documents as well as voting instructions.

We’re entering the final week of the voting and we’d like your vote. Why is this important?  These documents are nearly 20 years old, and most of the changes provide greater clarity and better reflect our present situation such as removing outdated references regarding the developer. There are, however, a couple of substantial changes that will benefit us.  The first is the allowance of electronic voting for most issues.  This will make voting easier and less expensive.  Other provisions require that the board of directors will be exactly five members serving two-year terms, which is how we operate today.

Thanks for your attention to this matter!  Enjoy your Holidays.

– Mark Capalongan
SOA Board President

Articles of Incorporation redline:

Bylaws Redline:

Voting Instructions and link to a downloadable version of the ballot:

In order to vote, you must fill out the ballot.  This is not a secret ballot.

Mail it to: Somersett Owners Association, 7650 Town Square Way, Reno, NV 89523
Fax it to: 775-787-4511
Drop it off: At the front desk of the Club at Town Center
Email to:

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the SOA office at 775-787-4500. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter!”

The above message was necessary due to the low number of ballots received to date and the deadline for submittal of December 30th. Why the low number of submittals? SU believes that the fault lies partially with SOA management for not aggressively marketing and pursuing it.  The SOA’s previous email on the ballot issue did not highlight it, but buried it in the third article down in an email that addressed five other topics.  Whatever the case, we are now in a position where there is little time left to submit ballots. At the December 17th BOD meeting, the Board voted not to extend the submittal deadline. An unfortunate circumstance given that initiatives of this type usually require extensions to obtain the required number of ballots to reach a decision. even when aggressively marketed.

SU encourages approval of the proposed Governing Document changes, A copy of the ballot is also available via the following link for those who want a quick print. Readers are encouraged to fill it out, one way or another, and drop it off at TCTC.

Governing Documents Ballot

One thought on “Governing Documents Ballot

  1. I reviewed both the Articles and By-laws.  there is at least one contradiction of significance. The Articles say there shall be no less than 5 or more than 7 Directors.  The By-laws say there shall be 5 directors. There are any number of typos but I don’t think they create a problem.

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