More Surveys Coming?

On December 22nd, the SOA published the following newsletter on the SOA Website.

“Starting immediately in January, the SOA Board of Directors intends to obtain feedback directly from homeowners on a variety of subjects. These may include: budget/spending (to spend or not to spend/how much to spend); facilities (what to do with or about …); communications (how are we doing?); staff (do we have the right people doing the right things?); and many other topics.

An electronic/digital e-survey is the right way to do this. We are at the point where we can reach a majority of homeowners in Somersett via e-mail or text.  An e-Survey is totally free of costs; it provides instant results. (If you are unable to take an e-Survey, a hard copy will always be available at the front desk at the Club at Town Center.)

We’re going to make our e-Surveys focused and easy. About 5 questions, answerable in about 5 minutes or less.

The Communications Committee has developed a logo for our Surveys, and we want to introduce it now. When you see this logo, it indicates there’s a Survey where we need your input. We’d appreciate it if you completed the survey on your computer or phone.      

This is YOUR community; the SOA Board works FOR YOU. These e-Surveys will be your chance to give the Board your opinion about important Somersett topics. Survey results will be published to all residents.”

The proposed surveys apparently represent follow-ups to the Survey conducted back in June/July of 2020, which centered more on resident demographic and “are you satisfied” questions. Regarding the June survey, at the October BOD meeting, the Board approved Communication Committee release of the survey data to the community at large. However, unless SU missed it, we do not believe this was ever accomplished.  Whatever the case, for those interested, the June survey data may be accessed via the following link:  SOA Resident Survey June 2020.

Note that only about 500 residents participated in the June survey. Hopefully, with improved e-communications  the upcoming surveys will attract a larger audience.  It also appears that they intend to focus more on specific issues rather than generalities, which sounds like a good move. However, past surveys also had good intentions, but nothing really ever came of them (a SU opinion of course) and participation was always low (16% for the last one), so how valid were they? Will the new Board be successful in altering the course? With your participation they can, so make sure you have registered to receive the SOA’s e-communications. For any questions in this area you can contact the SOA’s Communication Coordinator, Robin Bolson, at 787-4500 x339 or email at

One thought on “More Surveys Coming?

  1. The new 2021 Board is committed to better and direct communication with Somersett residents. As a member of the Communications Committee, I can tell you for certain that surveys are coming promptly. And that the Board will promptly publish the results and proposed actions.

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