Somersett Aesthetic Guidelines

Now that the new Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (Board) has restructured the Aesthetic Guidelines Committee (AGC) to their liking, their next task will be to look at the Somersett Aesthetic Guidelines document itself for potential changes. This ostensibly to fulfill the new Board members pledge of a kinder more friendly approach to compliance issues and most likely in concert with the propositions put forth by Board member Bill O’Donnell at the December Board meeting.  These propositions were addressed (with SU comments) in our previous post of January 26th entitled “SOA Aesthetic Guidelines Discussion”

To move forward on the Guidelines, at the January 27th Board meeting, Board member Craig Hanson was appointed the task leading a review of the Guidelines and providing recommended changes where and if appropriate. Since the content of the Guidelines, or perhaps the administration thereof, has always been a hot topic with many homeowners, owner feedback to the Board is essential in any review of the Guidelines. Therefore, our readers are encouraged to read the Guidelines and provide your comments and /or suggestions to the Board via email at  To share with others, you are also encouraged to post them on the SU website via comment to this post, just click on the “comment” at the bottom of the post.

A copy of the Guidelines (all 61 pages – a daunting task) is available via the following link:

Somersett Aesthetic Guidelines 010121

SU Comment:  Here we go again, unless SU’s files are not up to date, the Developer last revised the Aesthetic Guidelines in 2009, then we went several years until the three revisions in the last four years, culminating with the 2020 revision which just took effect on January1, 2021.  Whatever the case may be, one may question why the necessity for these revisions? To satisfy the whims of whatever Board is in power? Or to make warranted additions or deletions? Hard to tell without reading all of them, and who wants to do that?

One thought on “Somersett Aesthetic Guidelines

  1. I’m also pleased to report that the AGC Committee is doing an excellent job at protecting our community standards and aesthetics. Committee members unanimously report that the process is more efficient and effective. We are addressing all relevant issues and becoming more efficient at reviews. Not every project is approved, and some go back for re-submittal. But the process is seeing great improvement. Outstanding projects and great designs receive a letter of recognition and appreciation for the beautification of Somersett.
    Mark Capalongan
    SOA Board President 2/23/2021 “Somersett Happenings”
    Anyone paying attention has to ask why is it working better, how is it working better, and by what metrics?
    For some reason the new board was in a tremendous hurry to change the AGC, so much so, that they ignored the charter for that committee while making the changes they wanted back in December.
    You might wonder if they developed any metrics around what they didn’t like about the process(es) and performance of the committee. Without metrics in place prior to making a change, how would one measure performance or results driven by change? Perhaps the board doesn’t grasp the significance of Six Sigma and other process improvement tools, or perhaps they just don’t care about effectiveness of such tools in any type of change management.
    To that I would suggest that the above statement about the AGC is purely subjective.
    Delving deeper into the folderal around the AGC, did the new board do anything more than a straw poll in line at Starbucks or Walden’s while waiting for their coffee? Certainly with a community of over 3300 homes, a poll determining “happiness in Somersett”, should have been a larger data set than 3 of 7 people being “unhappy” with the AGC or the association.
    Furthermore, I have grown extremely weary of being told that I am unhappy and just don’t know it. Frankly, I was thrilled to be living in Somersett until change for the sake of change, without measure, or data to support the change happened. Now I find myself asking what are these folks doing? Why is there so much urgency to make these changes? And why are the newest members always putting the cart before the horse (change the rules and THEN change the documents to support the changes)?
    One member of the community had the audacity to tell me that the three newest members “ran on a platform of change and change is here”. To which I would retort they ran on a platform of “kinder and friendlier” not dramatic change.
    It is a very curious thing when the happiest people, regarding changes, are developers. Where is the large data set to support any statement related to unhappiness within the community?

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