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The following submitted by Geoffrey Brooks Association Member

Do You Know Where You Live? Are you on the map?

Somersett Living, published bi-monthly contains a map of Somersett which shows the location of every street in our community? It shows the locations where developers are active, and the magazine has ads, paid for by the builders advertising their wares. The two golf courses (plus ponds for irrigation and fire control) in Somersett are clearly visible, along with the two community centers – Aspen Lodge (Sierra Canyon) and the TCTC at Town Square.

Link to  –  Somersett Community Map

Did you know that the road layout is now obsolete, especially if you live in the “Cliffs”? The property lots have yet to be updated for Hillbrow and The Pointe. (annexed into our PUD as SBE & Wintercreek).

I served as Secretary to the Ad Hoc committee to review and update our communities documentation (Includes PUD, Articles of Incorporation, CCR’s); the fallacies of the community maps and documentation (every owner in Somersett should have a complete set) were painfully obvious. For instance, Washoe County had updated many of the APN #s pertinent to Somersett. First Residential were requested to up-date the document package with reference to the Washoe County Assessors APN’s and area maps. Will the Board make sure this is accomplished?

On the Somersett Living map there is reference to 27 miles of hiking and biking trails. These are controlled, maintained by the Somersett Master Association.

link to  – Somersett Trail Map

This is in need of an update, as several trails are closed (temporarily, during construction, at Brae Retreat, in one instance)…or were not actually completed.

The trail map, which is a part of the PUD shows the controversial link from SBE (The Pointe) through Firefly Court. This trail link has been closed down by Sierra Canyon sub-association and the Firefly Court residents.

Many residents live near public trails (I do) and are always happy to see folks using them, as short cuts, for dog walking, or just walking, bike riding. There is a connector at Dakota Ridge (should be) to the neighboring Reno City Sierra Vista park, where a mountain bike trail riding loop (with jumps) has been constructed. The existence of Sierra Vista Park (formerly Northgate Golf Course) should be on our community map!    (there is plenty of room!)

Needless to say the views from any of the trails of the surrounding Sierra Nevada and the foothills of Peavine Mountain to the North are outstanding, the best in the City of Reno!

8 thoughts on “Maps and Somersett

  1. Does anyone actually read Somersett Living? Or Canyon Views for that matter? I haul them back from the mailbox and drop them in the garbage along with the extended warranty ads for my cars when I get home.

    1. All of Somersett’s Controlling documents (i.e., CC&R’s, Bylaws, Articles) can be changed/revised by a majority vote of Association members. Whereas SOA operational documents such as the Aesthetic Guidelines, Rules and Regulations and Policy documents may be changed at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

  2. I was watching the TV news on March 11th… Public Trails in Reno were discussed, and how important they are to the health and well-being of all in our community. Better access, availability is hampered by the lack of City money for funding.

    That reminds me, that all the Somersett trails are PUBLIC and a part of the Cities’ extensive network. I would presume that the SOA has an obligation to maintain, complete all trails, footpaths on our community map for use by anyone, whether a resident of Somersett or not!

    1. Exactly. The trail system in Somersett is open to residents AND the public. Both the SOA and Sierra Canyon PUDs state this and the original filings for the neighborhood developments within Somersett state the trails must be connected. The individual homeowner Associations assumed responsibility when they took over management from Master Developer and have obligation to install and maintain trails as prescribed in the PUDs and legal documents. The attorney ‘opinions’ apparently were not based on the submittals to the City which were incorporated into the PUDs.

  3. Thanks for the update. Too many “trails” are little more than a sign. The trails were never graded as advertised by Somersett Development. It is not clear why previuos Boards have ignored this.

    1. When you look at the Somersett Trail System map, the legend describes the Trails construction types as ‘natural, paved, sidewalk link…’ It clearly indicates the sidewalk link from Firefly Ct to the Ryder home development The Pointe (Larkhaven Trail) to connect the two NEIGHBORHOODS as written in the PUDs for the master Association and the SC sub association. The two Boards, past and present, continue to ignore this situation. Maybe it’s time to file an ombudsman complaint or ‘Ask Joe.’

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