March 24th SOA BOD Meeting

Following is the Agenda for the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting to be held at The Club at Town Center (TCTC) at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, March 24th.

Given that TCTC is still operating under some COVID-19 restrictions, Owner participation will again be via  “Zoom” videoconferencing.

The Board Meeting Packet (i.e., as of March 22nd) providing background information on Agenda items is available on the SOA Website ( under the SOA Documents/Board Documents/2021 links.  Board Meeting Packet information  and comments pertaining to agenda items follow (Agenda Items referenced):

3.  February 24th, 2021 BOD Meeting Minutes 

The SOA published Draft Meeting Minutes for the February 24th BOD Meeting is available in the Board Meeting Packet referenced above, or one may access SU’s previous post of February 27th entitled “February 24th BOD Meeting Recap” for a more complete summary of what was discussed and/or approved.

4.  Committee Reports

4.a.  Budget & Finance  –  The Committee is making the following recommendations for Board Approval:

  1. Allocation of $1.5 Million in available cash reserves to reduce the SOA’s current loan principal, with $0.5M coming from the the General Common and $1.0M from The Club at Town Center (TCTC).
  2. Approval of Quinn Rooker, Alynn Delisle, James Inhong Na and Dedre Lynn Sonne as members of the Committee, this would require a revision to the Committee Charter to accommodate 2 Board members, 5 voting Association members and 2 alternate Association members. The current Committee consists of 2 Board members and 2 Association members and the current Charter only allows for 2 Board members and 5 Association members.
  3. Move $250K in Association funds into the newly opened Union Bank account which was approved at the February 24th Board meeting to achieve a higher interest rate on deposits.

4.b.  Communication  –  No recommendations for Board approval at this time. Currently working on the Somersett Photo Contest (approved at the last Board meeting), new surveys and SOA Website advertising.

4.c.  Strategic and Facilities  –  The Committee is making the following recommendations to the Board:

  1. Replacement of the existing Alosant reservation system for TCTC with a Zen Planner system. The Zen Planner system is currently in use at Sierra Canyon and apparently less costly and more flexible than the Alosant system.
  2. Approval of $20,000 (with a $5,000 contingency) for renovation of TCTC Snack Bar, which includes a two year lease agreement with the Peavine Taphouse for its operation. The details of which are available via the following link: TCTC Snack Bar Facility Renovation
  3. Increasing the Association’s Spectrum Internet service from 200 Mbps at $135/month to 600 Mbps at $199/month.

4.d.  West Park Garden  –  The Committee has ordered the drip irrigation system components for the raised beds (not funded by the city) and wiill be ordering new soil to replace the previously removed substandard soil (also not funded by the city). Costs to be absorbed by the Committee. Garden to be opened sometime in May following irrigation system testing. The Committee is also asking for the assignment of a FSE Staff member to the Committee

4.e. General Manager Report – The reader is referred to the Board Meeting packet for information and updates on: 1) AGC activity, 2) Community enforcement data, 3) Owner communications,  4) TCTC events and club usage data, and 5) Landscape and Engineering project updates.

5.  Financials 

The reader is refered to the Board Meeting Packet for the 30+ pages of SOA financial data

6.  Unfinished Business

6.a  Legal Updates  –  No updates on either the Somersett Development Co. Rockery Wall lawsuit or the Preston Homes Back Nine Trail lawsuit was provided for in the Board Meeting Packet.

6.b.  1880 Dove Mountain, Common Area Slope Repair  –  No status on this project was provided for in Board Meeting Packet. Apparently waiting for the development of a new Request for Proposal for the required repairs.

6.c.  Snow Removal Rules for Sidewalks, Homeowner Lots and Common Areas  –  No info on this topic provided for in the Board Meeting Packet.  Apparently a carryover from the February 10th Board meeting wherein this topic was tabled pending additional information, not only on Association rules and regulations, but City of Reno rules and regulations as well.

6.d.  Clubhouse Cleaning Proposals  –  No info on this topic provided for in the Board Meeting Packet.

7.  New Business

7.a.  Canyon Nine Access Controls: Signage, Camera, Options for Remote Payment, Fee Changes  – No info on this topic provided for in the Board meeting Packet.

7.b.  Upgrade of Cameras at the Gates  –  No info in this topic provided for in the Board Meeting Packet.

7.c.  Sports Court Painting Proposal  –  A proposal (estimate) from Alder Ridge Development in the amount of $7,497 to prep and paint TCTC Gymnasium walls with a $700 option to prep and paint four doors.

7.d.  Snack Bar Proposals and Approval of Funds  –  Action on the Strategic and Facilities Committee recommendation described under Item 4.c.2. above.

7.e.  Determination of Community Events Budget for 2021  –  No info in this topic provided for in the Board Meeting Packet.  However, most likely establishes a budget for conducting community events as proposed by the newly formed Community Events Committee.

7.f.  Camera Upgrades in Somersett, Discussion and Proposals  – No info on this topic provided for in the Board meeting packet

SU Note:  It can’t help but be noticed that the March 24th Board Meeting Packet was rather short on supporting information related to both the “Unfinished” and “New Business” agenda items. It also appears to SU that the SOA published Board Meeting Minutes are becoming briefer and less informative.

3 thoughts on “March 24th SOA BOD Meeting

  1. The expected mass grading at the Witt Family mini storage recently issued by building permit should be discussed. Building plans were reviewed by our agc in February 2020 and comments were made. We should have input on the draft building plans at the southern entrance

  2. The last time I checked with the City and the County there was no requirement for sidewalks to be shoveled. However, the owner of a non-shoveled sidewalk COULD be cited for blocking the sidewalk. Seldom happens, reserved for extreme cases. All learned in two five minute phone calls which the community manager could have duplicated.

    My personal opinion is that it is a good idea for walkers to walk in the gutter (if that can be done safely) for the first 48 hours after a snowfall. That helps keeping footprints from freezing on the cement which makes shoveling harder.

  3. RE: Item 7D – 3/24/21 SOA BOD meeting.

    Curious that we, as an organisation, would consider improving an asset for the exclusive of a vendor with no plan to levy charges to the same vendor for electricity, gas or rent. I am certain the SOA board considers this a win-win, but in what real world scenario do you spend $25K with zero ROI in the plan? Along with the vendor providing operational insurance, will the Somersett Owners Association be named “additional insured” on the vendor’s liability coverage? Will there be an ACCORD certificate from the agent writing the coverage, on file in the offices at TCTC? It seems the board is in a rush, again, to make themselves “happy” with no intention of dotting the “I”s and crossing the “T”s.

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