March 24th BOD Meeting Recap

tmeeting notes

Following is a recap of topics discussed and/or approved at the March 24th Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (Board) Meeting, held via a Zoom Video Conference with Association members.  The reader is referred to SU’s previous post of  March 22nd, 2021 “March 24th BOD Meeting” for a copy of the Meeting Agenda and supporting information derived from the Board Meeting Packet. For those interested in listening to the Zoom Video Conference in its entirety, and hence all the discussions behind the following recap, a recording of such is available on the SOA website ( under the “SOA Board and Committees/The Board of Directors/2021 links. The following recap references the Board meeting agenda items.

2. Homeowner Comments on Agenda Items

The following questions and comments, from two homeowners on Agenda Item 7.d Snack Bar Proposal:

  1. What consideration will the SOA receive from FSR as a result of their being released from Snack Bar operation responsibilities?
  2. A two week notice to quit operation on the part of the Peavine Taphouse is too short, should be at least 30 days to permit time to secure an alternate operating staff.
  3. To rely on pool lifeguards, probably teenagers, to police alcohol behavior is not realistic, what expertise and authority will they be given to accomplish this?
  4. A stated oposition to the selling of alochol at poolside due to its accompaning responsibilities and liabilities.
  5. The Peavive Taphouse would be responsible to hire and train a mature food service staff, what is the definition of mature?
  6. The project summary gave no indication of any income to the SOA from the lease agreement, which is not common in a landlord/tennet relationship.

3.  February 24th, 2021 BOD Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the February 24th Board meeting were approved with a minor amendment.

4.  Committee Reports

4.a.  Budget & Finance

  1. The SOA Treasurer, Simon Baker, reporting on behalf of the Committee reported the following: a General Common operating cash of $1.0M and a debt of $3.6M, a TCTC operating cash of $1.4M and a debt of $1.7M. The $5.3M in referenced debt being a consolidated 5% loan split up internally for accounting purposes.
  2. With regard the the Committee recommendation to pay down $1.5M of the SOA’s $5.3M debt via available cash reserves, the Board approved an amount ot $1.0M to be allocated as follows: $800K from TCTC reserves and $200K from the General Common.  The SOA Treasurer recommended the lesser amount at this time and to revisit the other $500K at a future date
  3. The Board approved addition of Quinn Rooker, Alynn Delisle, James Inhong Na and Dedre Lynn Sonne as members of the Committee and to revise the Committees Charter to accommodate more members than that currently authorized.
  4. The SOA Treasurer expressed his disappointment that FSR had not yet opened the new (higher interest paying) Union Bank account approved at the February 24th Board meeting, and therefore, precluded transfer of the proposed $250K into this account. The Board directed the immediate opening of this account and a $250K deposit.
  5. The Board also approved the opening of three other money market accounts and deposits to increase the yield of our cash reserves, these included: $1M in a Certificate of Deposit Registry Service wherein monies would be used to purchase one to two year CDs not to exceed $250K each (limit of FDIC insurance), and the opening of two additional bank accounts (Signature and Enterprise) with a deposit of $250K into each.

4.b.  Communication  –   Reported on: 1) the “Enter to Win” (sign up for SOA website log-in) contest in which 817 Association members responded and 24 prizses were awarded, 2) ten businesses have indicated an interest to advertise on the SOA website, and 3) will kick off the SOA photo contest next week.

4.c.  Strategic and Facilities  –  The Board approved the following Committee recomendations: 1) replacement of the existing TCTC Alosant reservation system with a Zen Planner system (the Zen Planner system is currently in use at Sierra Canyon and apparemtly half the cost and more flexible than the Alosant system, 2) increasing the Association’s Spectrum Internet service from 200 Mbs at $135/month to 600 Mbs at $199/month, and 3) allocation of $25K for the TCTC Snack Bar renovation project (see Item 7.d. below).

4.d.  West Park Garden

The Committee Chairman, Ken McNeil, reported that the garden was in danger of not opening this year due to required work and the lack of funds to accomplish. This included: movement of soil into the raised beds, installation of critter fencing around the beds and a storage shed for tools and carts. Drip irrigation components for the individual beds have been supplied but cannot be installed until the soil movement is accomplished. The Committee has some fund raising activities planned, but will not have the necessary funds ($2500 was mentioned) to accomplish work in support of the May opening date.

Board member O’Donnel offered use of his tractor, and General Manager Fields some Brightview support in moving the soil into the garden beds. No action was proposed for the fencing and storage shed issues nor any motion for SOA financial support.

SU Comment:  The West Park is a public facility, the capital costs of which are the responsibility of the City of Reno with the SOA only having maintenance responsibilities. Therefore, it is inappropriate for the SOA to fund any sheds, fencing, irrigation components, tools, etc., related to the construction and operation of garden beds. This should be the sole responsibility of the City and/or the 50 bed proprietors (some of which may not even be Somersett Association members).  For example, if a bed proprietor feels it is necessary to amend the soil, surround his/her bed with critter fencing or install specialized drip irrigation components, this should be his/her responsibility (requirements can differ depending on the crops planted) to accomplish and not the SOA. This is not an amenity available to all Association members and should not be supported by SOA funds.

4.e.  General Manager Report  –  It was reported that: 1) the installation of a camera at Hole 1 of the Canyon9 Golf Course has been effective in catching poachers, 2) the City is continuing work on rock removal and hydroseeding of the Dog Park and, 3) the hiring of seasonal employees is underway. For detailed information and updates on: 1) AGC activity, 2) Community enforcement data, 3) Owner communications,  4) TCTC events and club usage data, and 5) Landscape and Engineering project updates, the reader is referred to the Board meeting packet.

4.f.  Community Events  –  Association survey results for the 25 identified event possibilities are available on the SOA website.  The top five most favored were: Food Truck Night, Music on the Green, Wine/Beer Tastings, Holiday Lighting and Evening Tunes at the TCTC pool.  After a detailed assessment of looking into re-establishing the Farmers Market at the Town Center, it was determined as not feasible for a variety of reasons. It was also reported that over 100 residents have volunteered to assist in these events.

5.  Financials 

The reader is referred to the Board Meeting Packet for the 30+ pages of SOA financial data. Also, the SOA Treasurer advised he was working with FSR to develop a “short form” financial report for Board meetings that would be more meaningful to Association member review.

6.  Unfinished Business

6.a  Legal Updates  –  The Preston Homes lawsuit settlement has been signed by all parties. Under it the Back Nine Trail gate opening times will remain as is until the last lot goes into contract whereby gate control will be completely under the auspices of the SOA. Preston Homes will also be paying off their back assessments.  No activity on the Somersett Development Company Rockery Wall lawsuit.

6.b.  1880 Dove Mountain, Common Area Slope Repair  –  Nothing significant to report on project status.

6.c.  Snow Removal Rules for Sidewalks, Homeowner Lots and Common Areas  –  This was a carryover topic from the February 10th Board meeting wherein it was tabled pending additional information regarding City of Reno requirements on snow removal from sidewalks. It was determined from a reading of Reno Municipal Codes that property owners adjacent to sidewalks (private and HOAs) are responsible for snow removal and not the City.  This being contrary, in the case of Common Area property, to current SOA understanding. As a result, it was decided to obtain a quote from Brightview for snow removal from sidewalks bounded by Common Area property.

6.d.  Clubhouse Cleaning Proposals  –  Three sealed bids were received and opened with approximate annual fees of $77K, $93K and $108K. It was approved to proceed with the lowest bidder, Prestige, who also happens to be the the SOA’s current contractor. Proposals included the East and West Park bathrooms.

7.  New Business

7.a.  Canyon Nine Access Controls: Signage, Camera, Options for Remote Payment, Fee Changes  –  After much discussion on public abuse of the Canyon9 Golf Course (both damage and non-payment of fees) and whether or not the course should be open to the public, the Board voted to make the course private. That is, open only to Somersett residents and their guests, with no playing fees to residents and a $10 fee to guests.

7.b.  Upgrade of Cameras at the Gates  –  This item is not currently on the Facilities Committee radar for investigation and therefore no action required at ths time. However, the discussion was expanded beyond gate cameras to address the need for license plate cameras at the entrances to Sommersett. The result being that an integrated system including both applications will be investigated by the Facilities Committee. No time frame was established.

7.c.  Sports Court Painting Proposal  –  Approved a $7,497 proposal from Alder Ridge Development to prep and paint the TCTC Gymnasium walls.

7.d.  Snack Bar Proposals and Approval of Funds  –  After much discussion, the Board approved moving forward with the renovation of TCTC Snack Bar and a lease arrangement with the Peavine Taphouse for its operation. A $25K budget was approved for the project. Given the numerous details that still need to be addressed (much around the alcohol issue), the motion included a provision that project financial details and progress be presented at the April Board meeting.  The following link provides an initial summary description of the project, changes to which will be addressed at the April Board meeting.   TCTC Snack Bar Facility Renovation 

7.e.  Determination of Community Events Budget for 2021  –  No action at this time as the Comunity Events Committee is still in the process of event planning and budget requirements.

7.f.  Camera Upgrades in Somersett, Discussion and Proposals  –  This item was meant to address camera upgrades at TCTC.  Requirements are still  being prepared, therefore no action at this time.

8.  Board Member Comments

  1. The Board President proposed holding an April 14th Board meeting which was passed.
  2. Board member O’Donnell addressed the issue of signage and media to alert the public that the Canyon9 Golf Course will no longer be open to the public.
  3. Board member Williams advised he was working with the Reno Police Department to produce a process for SOA management to deal with Canyon9 poachers.
  4. Board member Williams advised that the equipment for the traffic speed survey will be installed at the agreed upon locations after spring break.

9.  Homeowner Comments on any Topic

Four homeowners commented as follows:

  1. Community Garden – Why not have the individual plot owners bring in their own bags of soil?
  2. Owner Surveys  –  On issues where the community can have an input, to do a survey before making a decision? Referenced the Canyon9 Golf Course public/private decision as an example
  3. Canyon9 Golf Course  –  That: a) users sign some sort of liability disclaimer indicating responsibility for self caused damage, b) residents register for play and be provided with a red bag tag for easy identification by spotters and 3) age restrictions associated with Golf Course usage be established.
  4. Sidewalk Snow Removal  –  Consider contracting with the SGCC for sidewalk snow removal required of the SOA.
  5. Somersett Entrance Cameras  –  Before conducting any homeowner surveys, the Board take a good look at camera specifications, requirements and costs, there is excellent technology available to capture not only license plates, but driver identification as well.
  6. Snack Bar Proposal  –  The agreement with the Pevive Taphouse for Snack Bar operation be crafted in such a way as to recoup some of the $25K in SOA lost revenue, it is not prudent to give away ones assets without getting something in return.