The SOA – Self vs Professional Management ?

self management

From the tone of the April 14th BOD Meeting Agenda Item 7.c “Discussion and Consideration of SOA Management Consultant” and the 6:00 PM April 13th Town Hall video conference meeting, it is apparent that the SOA Board (at least some members) are considering moving from a Professionally managed (e.g., FirstService Residential) Association to a Self-managed Association.  As indicated in our previous post, this would be a gigantic leap not to be taken lightly.  There is a vast difference between “Governing” and Association and “Managing” an Association. In our previous post SU pointed to the following website for an article on the pros and cons of self-management:

In addition it the above, the following website articles provide some additional perspectives on the subject:

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One of the overriding pros for self management appears to be the potential for saving money, especially applicable for low density Associations with few amenities. One of the overriding cons is the amount of time, expertise and motivation required by a “volunteer” Board to properly manage the Association. The current Board may have these qualities, but are they sustainable given the yearly elections?

Our readers are encouraged to access one or more of the above articles, form your own opinions and express them at the April 13th Town Hall and/or the April 14th Board meetings:

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