SOA Board Member Resignation

Board Member Craig Hanson has resigned his position on the Somersett Owners Association Board of Directors with the following statement (reprinted with Mr. Hanson’s permission):

After careful consideration about the recent Board actions to transition the association to Self Management I feel it is in the best interests of the Somersett Association for me to resign from the Board effective immediately. To achieve a successful transition it requires full and unanimous Board commitment which I cannot and will not give. While I truly believe there is merit to convert to self management for fiscal savings, I cannot support the unilateral selection of the consultant and extremely likely appointment to Association manager by a single member of the Board. I suspect there will be many future “sole source” hires, purchases and contracts which I cannot ethically or professionally support. 

I also want to express my gratitude to those who voted for me and ask their forgiveness for leaving my term prematurely.  With the current three vote block of the Board, I am afraid my ability to promote any measure is severely limited and impotent. 

I wish the Board luck and success in their efforts to improve Somersett.


Craig Hanson

SU can empathize with Mr. Hanson’s position, not because of an opposition to assessing whether or not self-management would be beneficial to the Association, but due to the apparent disingenuous manner in which the Board President has approached this issue.  More on this when SU publishes it’s recap of the April 14th Board meeting Minutes.

Mr. Hanson’s voice of reason on the Board will be missed.